Monday, February 7, 2011





Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Steel Curtain

One area that doesn't seem to get as much attention as it probably should, is the fact that we're playing this game indoors. Much of the attention is going to the Pittsburgh defense, and with good reason obviously, but the road through the AFC was all outdoors and in wintry conditions....something that specifically caters to the style of play that the likes of the Steelers, Jets, Ravens are built for.

Conversely, while it seems that Green Bay should also use this slow, grind it out in bad weather style considering they play outdoors in Green Bay, Teddy has actually gone against the grain and put together a team specifically designed for the fast track, and it could pay off dividends come Sunday. Do the Steelers have a tough defense? Absolutely! However, does the spread 'em out style of the Packers prevent what Pittsburgh typically likes to do on defense thus somewhat neutralize a typical strength of theirs? Many are scratching their heads at why Las Vegas calculates the 6 seed and inexperienced Packers as 2.5 pt favorites versus the 2 seed Steelers that have 2 recent SuperBowl appearances. I suggest it's the location that seems to cater to what Green Bay tries to do offensively that tips the scales in Green Bay's favor. While I concede that Pittsburgh's defense is outstanding, I also think that Green Bay's offense is too good to stop on a consistent basis when the game is played indoors. Take a look at what Green Bay has done this season in domes and the offensive numbers will speak for themselves. That said, the outcome won't be decided as much by Pittsburgh's defense as it will be by Green Bay's defense. Rodgers is going to put points on the board, no's just a matter of whether or not we're going to prevent these long 12+ play scoring drives that Pittsburgh likes to produce......something that can wear out a defense and also keep Rodgers on the sidelines.

First prediction: Green Bay 27
Pittsburgh 20

Monday, January 31, 2011


Are you ready for some football? O wait, we have to wait six more days, crap. So much to talk about this week, let me see, the pinball selects Photo-TwitterGate 2011. Um, Nick Barnett, step away from the cell phone, repeat, step away from the cell phone down! Honestly, you haven't played for months and now you want go and jack up a couple of great weeks in Packers history, because you want to be in team photo, STUPID JAG MOVE. Anyway, plenty of great stories to come especially the ones about Michael Irvin reopening the WhiteHouse this week for former Cowboy offensive tackle Flozell Adams...get some, make it rain!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CHAMPIONSHIP TUESDAY: Bigger loss, JerMichael Finley or Ryan Grant?

In the grand scheme of things it's clear that the Packers have done alot of damage on offense even without the two offensive weapons of Ryan Grant and JerMichael Finley. In my honest opinion, I think losing Finley has been a blessing in disguise for the receiving core for the Packers. I feel that the progression of the group of receivers Driver, Jones, Jennings, and Nelson has helped create a stronger unit than what would have been with Finley being there to zap production and continuity. That said, the loss of Ryan Grant at the beginning of the season, clearly cost the Packers several close games that would have been won had he been there, i.e. Washington and Detroit to name a few. Both were tough losses, but my feeling is Ryan Grant would have been more beneficial down the stretch than what Finley could have provided.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Whether or not anyone is following the hibernating Quevedo Buffett anymore is a mute point, because I am bringing it this week and next, cause it's SUPER BOWL TIME. After the Packers sent the Bears packing yesterday with their sissie-snowpants quarterback at the helm, it is time to give credit where it's due and that's to the brain's behind the Packers success, Ted Thompson. Like him or hate him, he is the reason for the great success this year. His movement up in the draft two years ago to get two impact pro-bowl defensive players in Clay Matthews and BJ Raji was the key to the Packers resurgence. This move up in the draft could be compared to the Brett Favre trade if the Packers can finish the deal and win the big show in Dallas two weeks from now. Much more to come...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I gave the NBA one shot this season. I wasted my time.

We've talked about this before. I talk about it a lot, as it turns out. But in case you've missed all of the other conversations, here's something you should know about me: I love basketball, but I don't like the NBA. I'm pretty open about that. I've done my best to perpetuate a rumor that watching it causes pink eye. I do my best to avoid it.

But, once each year, I give it another shot. I know a handful of pretty smart, likeable sports fans who love the NBA. I've never understood what they see in it, but once each year I do my best to be open-minded and see if there's something I've been missing.

Last year I sat through two Bucks games, sucked in by the hype that followed Brandon Jennings' 55 point performance. This year, inspired by a TV slate that featured nothing else of interest, I sat down Friday night and watched the Bucks-Timberwolves game.

The Bucks lost this game, sleepwalking to a double-digit loss against a team that won 15 games last season and hasn't won more than 33 games since 2004. In the middle of the game, though, my in-laws stopped by and we had this exchange:

I notice Ersan Ilyasova has checked into the game.
ME: Ersan Ilyasova is the embodiment of everything I hate about the NBA. He's sloppy, selfish, he takes terrible shots and he's defensively worthless.*
MOTHER-IN-LAW: Which one is he?
Ilyasova catches a pass on the perimeter and immediately jacks up a three that barely draws iron.
ME: That's him.
At the other end of the court Ilyasova picks up his fourth foul, in the first half.

* - I've watched him play three times over the last two seasons. I suppose it's possible I've just seen him at the wrong times. But man, has he ever been awful when I've seen him.

See you next year, NBA.