Thursday, May 29, 2008

That Escalated Quickly

Just when you thought Dave Bush was the only Brewers pitcher who enjoyed pissing away the countless opportunities he's been given...


Enter Seth "MC Lung" McClung. In terms of why he's ineffective, he's the yin to Dave Bush's yang: whereas Dave Bush sports a 85-mph fastball that doesn't fucking move and an 82-mph change-up that also doesn't fucking move, MC Lung comes atcha with a straight-as-an-arrow 95-mph fastball and an even straighter 97-mph fastball.

Now, most professional athletes don't have to split time between the big leagues and MENSA, but you don't have to be rocket scientist material to figure out when an opposing pitcher is only throwing fastballs. You know why a guy gets sent to the bullpen in the first place? Because he doesn't have a third pitch (or, sometimes, a good second pitch). And if you don't have a third pitch (or a good second one), you can't work through a batting order more than one time.

That's what happened to Chuck New Town this year. His change-up is really good, but his fastball is very ordinary and his curve looks an awful lot like his change-up. And wonder of wonders -- he runs into trouble all the time in the fourth or fifth innings!

I suspect King Ned knows this as well. This is the one time I'll actually feel some form of sympathy for that asshat: he was supposed to have eight starting pitchers to choose from at the start of the year. Now he has to run out MC Lung. Fuck me. That ain't right.


Reid You Animal! said...

Even the 1250 guys couldn't bring themselves to pin this one on Yost. I wonder what case our Badger friend would make to blame Ned for the loss. I'm sure he's got one.

Devil's Threesome said...

5 runs in the whole fucking series. That's pathetic guys. I'm officially wringing my hands over Prince's lack of production.