Sunday, May 25, 2008

This rave needs some manners.

Bachelor party day 2...and 3 I guess.  None of us have been arrested and we have not caused an international incident yet.  I think that sounds like a success to me.  The country of Canada have welcomed us with open arms.  We have had our share of Molson, said aboot a few times, and even took in a baseball game.  Since this is mainly a sports blog (mainly) I suppose we should talk about that.  We saw the Blue Jays take on, and defeat, the Royals of Kansas City. Center is pretty nice.  Incredibly big with some horrible seats, but not ours.  We were in the first and second row of the field level in the outfield.  We had good sightlines and we were even in the shade for the whole game.  Since we are all incredibly white, that was a nice thing.  The in-game entertainment was very weak at Rogers Center.  It was like watching a game in a library.  They hardly played any music or sound effects during the innings.  They did an okay job with the mid-inning breaks, but in-game entertainment was weak.  We also had the pleasure of seeing a real closer.  B.J. Ryan came in and took care of business.  He also gets bonus points for having Slipknot as his entrance music.  We all commented that we forgot what a real closer does.  It was said best when the bachelor himself said, "It's bad when you pray for a double play ball when your closer comes in."  He's right.  Even before any closer wearing a Brewers uniform comes in you know you are going to need a double play ball.

Most of us were dressed in Brewers clothes today.  The locals really took a liking to us.  We stopped by a very nice brewery where a guy bought us some beer and talked about how much he liked Miller Park when he visited.  He also tried to talk one of us into trading our Brewers shirt for his shirt (I would have, but I was too chubby to fit into his... no one wants fat guy in a little shirt).  We also ran into some people from Milwaukee.  Small world.

So, I bet you are wondering why this entry is titled, "This rave needs some manners."?  Well, last night we enjoyed a wonderful night out on the town.  We stopped at some nice places and got our dance on.  After it was all done, we asked if there was a good place for an A-Bar.  They all told us to go to the Government.  Interesting sounding, and my oh my it was interesting.  It was, for lack of a better term, a rave.  There was loud, bad, and body shaking house music.  There were lights flashing and I'm sure that anyone prone to seizures would have had a major problem.  There were also kids walking around selling freezy pops.  Awesome!  I basically found most people at this "party" to be quite rude.  The bathroom was the worst place.  People just budging in front of everyone and people stepping on everyone else to get anywhere.  It would be a bad idea to wear new shoes there if you don't want them scuffed.  I was also a little disappointed to not see anyone taking drugs and or overdosing from drugs taken earlier.  Oh well, there is always tonight.

Enjoy Memorial Day everyone.  

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