Monday, June 2, 2008

All-Time Brewer Killers

I saw too saw something funny during this weekend's series with the Astros. It was the name Richard Hidalgo on some all-time Astro home-run list. Richard Hidalgo, what a donkey. Even though he hit .314 and 44 homers in the year 2000, (He also finished 20th in MVP voting. I thought it was odd that a guy could go off for 44 homers and there's 19 guys that were better than him in the NL that year. Fuckin' steroid era.) he's not a name that will jump off the page to most casual baseball fans. Astro fans sure remember him, and so do Brewer fans. The reason Brewer fans will remember Hidalgo, almost as well as Astro fans, is because the dude aboslutely OWNED the Brewers. I vividly remember him hitting a missile of a homer against the Brewers that hit the front window of Friday's in left field. The fact that it didn't shatter still amazes me. Richard fuckin' Hidalgo, as mediocre as he was he always raked against the Crew.

This got me thinking about all the middle of the road, good but not great (or even worse than that) players over the years that seemed to turn into Ted Williams every time the saw the Brewers. Richard Hidalgo tops that list for me but there's others too. So, if I was starting an "all-time Brewer killers list" here's the first few that come to mind.

-Jack Wilson
-Brian Giles (especially in his Pirate years)
-Ty Wigginton (not so in his return to the NL, but when he was with the Mets and Pirates he always seemed to show up big against the Crew.)

I'm sure there's more that I can't think of right now, and I have no empirical evidence to support any of this other than my own recollections. So who would you add to this list? Everyone has one person that sticks out to them like Hidalgo does to me. And don't say Albert Pujols, or some shit like that, he kills everyone. I'll give you a minute...discuss amongst yourselves....



Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Jack Wilson is a huge crew killer. That is well known. Wigginton also looks like Farva from Super Troopers. He owned us this weekend. As much as someone can own while getting swept.

Rubie Q said...

What about Craig Wilson from his Pirate days? That shaggy-haired motherfucker always seemed to play a part in our repeated debacles at PNC.

Devil's Threesome said...

Wade fucking Miller always owned us when he was with the Astros. He went about four calendar years without losing a start against the Crew.

Michael Barrett was also a Brewer killer. He was always coming up with a big hit in a clutch spot against us.

Scott Hatteberg is also good for a homer every time he plays the Brewers. Finally, who can ever forget Javier Valentin. That short, pudgy mustachioed m-effer got about 12 games winning hits at our expense.

Devil's Threesome said...

One more Richard Hidalgo comment. On Easter Sunday several years ago, the dago and I were attending a Brewer-Astro game in the 3rd base loge section. Hidalgo came to the plate and had zero home runs several weeks into the year. I said to Lope, "Hey, remember when Richard Hidalgo was a power hitter?" The rest of the story writes itself, he jacked about a 430 foot shot into the leftfield bleachers to spite my ass. Stupid product of Enron Field.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Here is another dominant force...any pitcher making their major league debut. They look like Cy Young out there.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Hands down my favorite Brewer Killer, Scott Olsen;-)