Friday, June 27, 2008

And the Bucks Posts Just Keep Coming.

Well. That was interesting.

After trading Bobby "The Albatross" Simmons and Chairman Yi to the Nets for DickJeff (I'm trying it on to see if I like it), the consensus (and by "consensus," of course, I mean what SB's Tony Gwynn and I decided would happen) was that the Bucks would look for a guard in the draft. The Joe Alexander talk didn't make much sense anymore, seeing as how the Bucks had just acquired a small forward who is much, much better than Joe Alexander.

So, naturally, the Bucks took Joe Alexander.

Color me baffled. What's the thinking here? Where is Alexander going to play? If he was drafted to play the 4, didn't anybody clue John Hammond in on the fact that we already have a 6'10" guy who won't rebound and prefers to shoot jump shots? I mean, what is Chuckie V but a black, hairless version of Joe Alexander? Am I wrong?

Far as I can tell, your starting line-up now consists of: a point guard who plays like a shooting guard; a shooting guard who plays like a shooting guard; either of two power forwards who play like shooting guards; a center who plays, crap?; and a pretty good small forward. Start printing those play-off tickets, baby!

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