Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bill Hall Watch: Day 2.

I'm not sure that this is what Anthony Witrado meant when he wrote this headline, but he's right, whichever way you want to look at it:

Hall takes care of his business

Trade furor doesn't upset his routine

Yep -- I'd say striking out (and looking awful while doing it) in his first two at-bats is pretty routine for Bill Hall.

But enough about over-compensated douchebags who aren't man enough to keep things in-house and instead have to float passive-aggressive trade demands through their douchebag agents.

Let's talk standings.

We're in the first week of June. The Crew, recent residents of the NL Central cellar, now sit tied for third with the 'Stros and their 12-year-old right fielder. (Gangly motherfucker looks like he's going through puberty; he's all arms and legs, and it doesn't look like he's shaving yet.) The Diamondbacks, who were printing their NL West Champs T-shirts a month ago, now sit at 32-27, a mere game better than the Brewers. How the hell that happens when you're running Brandon Webb and Danny Haren out there as your top starters is beyond me.

(Note: It's not actually beyond me. That was hyperbole. I realize that every position player for the D-backs stopped hitting at exactly the same time, and that karma got tired of Eric Byrnes' 'look how hard I play!' jackassery and smote his hamstring. That made me smile.)

But we're all looking up at the fucking Cubs. D's 3Some keeps telling me: They've gotten fat at Wrigley, they'll come back to earth when they're on the road. You know what? That's all I heard last September: they're the Cubs. They'll find a way to fuck this up. And then we -- and by 'we' I mean: King Ned -- were the ones who pissed it away at the end of the year.

Anyway, the Cubs betting start sucking and right soon, or I'm going to lose my faith in humanity.


Devil's Threesome said...

That's can't continue this hot. Their bats are unreal. D Lee will get injured, Soto will come down to the earth, Kerry Wood will snap a tendon. Shit will happen to the Cubs. Unfortunately, I just think they are better than us and it will be a major chore to catch up to them. Let's get after the Cardinals and grab that Wild Card. No one else in the league scares me. The Marlins are starting to slide, the Mets are a wreck, Hotlanta could be an issue, but the entire West is a joke. If we can break even on the road, the WC will be ours. Bottom line, eff the Cubs, we can't control that shit. Like Yost says, let's win our games and good stuff will happen.

Post script: I wish we had Yo back.

FPMKE said...

Having Yo back wold be great but at least the Crew have been getting quality starts throughout the rotation of late.

The Cubs used 6 relievers yesterday! Quote Sweet Lou "We're thinner than people think we are." That's a bold statement from a guy who has 24 Old Styles hanging over his waistline.