Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bill Hall Would Like His Check, Please.

File this under the "That Didn't Take Long" file:

Word in the JSOnline this morning is that Bill Hall, through his agent, is requesting a trade. Something about how many times he's changed positions, sacrificed for the good of the team (note to Bill: when King Ned asked you to move to center field last year, I don't think part of the agreement was: 'and you will never, ever take batting practice again, and focus so much on your defense that you revert back to all your bad, pre-2006 habits and become such an albatross that we have to sit you during the stretch run of a potential play-off year'), blah blah blah.

(Note note: SB's Tony Gwynn made a great point at the game Sunday. Every single time Bill Hall tries to pull an outside pitch and rolls over the top of it and grounds out weakly to short, it's a given that Brian Anderson will say: 'Now, when Bill Hall is going good, he'll take that pitch to right field.' You know what, Brian? Bill Hall hasn't taken 'that pitch' to right field in about two fucking years. He's unlearned that skill. So kindly shut the fuck up with that nonsense.)

Anyway, some unsolicited advice to Bill: don't start packing your suitcase any time soon. You're not getting traded, for a couple of reasons: (1) you have no trade value -- hitting .158 against righties (who make up 3/4 of the pitchers in the league) and having to be platooned with Russell Branyan, while suffering a noticeable decline in your already-suspect defense (any more balls you want to throw away in the ninth inning, Young Sheff?) doesn't exactly scream "buy! buy! buy!"; (2) the good teams don't need someone like you, and the bad teams don't need and can't afford someone like you.

Long story short, your only chance of getting consistent playing time is if Branyan stops tearing the cover off the ball. Otherwise: enjoy the pine.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

One additional note regarding Bill Hall's trade value. Its not like he's a gold glove position player either. How many fucking times is he going to do a littel tap dance jig after fielding the ball only to show off his cannon of arm and get the runner by a half step. Last night's error in the 9th could have been deadly. Yeah we all know you have a cannon for an arm (and I'm sure the ladies at UWM or Eve) love that, but for the love of God make a fucking routine grounder routine!!!!!!!

Good riddance if you ask me. Just $6 more million we can use on Yo, Prince or Corey.

Maybe Jack Z. can draft a stud 3B with the Brewers first pick and he'll be ready to go in a year and half.

Devil's Threesome said...

Now Billy's getting booed after every strikeout, which, well, that mean's he gets booed 2-3 times a game. The Bruce Pearl crowd must be crushed. Not every day can be Mother's Day.