Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get rid of the Seaward.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to quote television shows and movies.  In my first post here at QatB I referenced the show "Arrested Development".  In my honest opinion, "Arrested Development" and "Seinfeld" are the two greatest shows to ever grace my television screen.  I know some will argue with me on that one, but oh well.  The title of this blog post is in reference to a quote from an episode of "Arrested Development".  In the episode Gob buys a yacht that is called the Seaward (pronounced C-Word).  Michael tells him to get rid of the Seaward.  At this point Lucille, their mother, walks in and says, "I'll leave when I'm good and ready."  Now this is funny on so many levels. The obvious is that the C-Word refers to something that we all know and few people (by few people I mean females) like to say. Lucille thought they were referring to her.  Calling her a C-Word.  Comic Gold!  I'm sure I didn't need to explain that to the intelligent readers we have here at QatB, but I did anyway.

Where am I going with this?  Well, I think it might be times for the Brewers to get rid of the Seaward.  No, not that one. She doesn't own the team anymore.  I mean Seaward as in the big expensive yacht that they really don't need, and in this case, doesn't really work anymore.  The only problem with this Brewers team is that they have quite a few Seawards.  Let's take a look at them.

#1 Enemy - Eric Gagne.  The dude just doesn't have it on a consistent basis anymore.  He is being paid $10 million thanks to the last closer here in Milwaukee, CoCo.  CoCo and the Reds drove up the price of closers just like Zito and Giants did with starters when we got Suppan.  Gagne started off bad, but then settled down and actually toyed with leading the league in saves, while still blowing 5, before realizing that he was not the Gagne wearing Dodger blue.  He then realized he had a wicked bad case of Sheets' Va Jay Jay and had to get hurt.  I know several people that hope he doesn't ever come off the DL and we can just forget about this one mistake.  We'll see what happens, but he is a pretty big Seaward.

#2 Enemy - Mike Cameron.  Now, Cammy (I'm channeling Ned Yost) isn't exactly making a huge payday here in the Brew City, but it isn't anything to sneeze at when they dude is swinging a weak stick.  His defense is stellar, and it should be.  That is the main reason we got him, but the other parts need to come.  I think he can play a valuable role for us, but getting rid of this Seaward has to deal with putting him some sort of platoon (a platoon would suggest that he hits a particular type of pitcher well and I haven't looked at the splits enough to know if that is true...E$, get on that) with Kapler or moving him in the lineup or something.  No team would touch him and a trade is no the answer.  A trade might be the answer for the next man on this list...

#3 Enemy - Bill Hall.  Now, some people might argue that Bill Hall should be #1 on this list.  I can see their point.  I probably should have put him at #2, but I didn't.  As far as I'm concerned, #2 and #3 on this list are interchangeable.  I've always liked Bill Hall.  For that longest time all anyone said in Milwaukee was that Bill Hall wins ball games.  That was so true. for a season.  Now, Bill Hall has no impact on ball games.  Someone said he wanted a trade and he didn't really dispute that.  He isn't Sheffielding it yet, and I don't see that coming from him.  Something must be done though. He has already been platooned, so the only thing to do next is to try and trade him.  He is a huge expensive yacht though.  Big money for little production at this point.  Not sure what to do with this Seaward.

Nobody else on this team is really getting paid a crap-ton of money and not producing.  I am in the school of thought that we are getting what we can expect out of Suppan.  Sheets is one hell of a pitcher when his Va Jay Jay is not acting up.  Braun signs a huge contract and still is delivering.  Prince is being paid peanuts (or in Skittles as his waist seems to say).  Our infield is young and not being paid a lot and Corey Hart should be getting that pay day very soon.  The sooner the better if you ask me.

I'm sure some on this blog, or in the blogosphere, will point to Yost as our Seaward.  I like the guy, but I do see some holes in his coaching over the last couple of years.  I still want to give the guy a chance, and I think this last homestand might have sealed his fate for the rest of the year.  Now if he could learn hypnosis and use it on the road.

So, which Seaward do we deal with or get rid of? The choice is yours.  If it was up to all of them, they would leave when they are good and ready



Devil's Threesome said...

Rubie Q is obviously off trying to get some criminal out of jail on some technicality or racism accusation.

Moongoose McQueen said...
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Moongoose McQueen said...

I heard he got called in as a last minute audition for So You Think You Can Dance.

Rubie Q said...

It's called "upholding the Constitution," jackass. Not that I'd expect a Republican to remember what the Constitution is.