Monday, June 16, 2008

I shouldn't be surprised.

Here I sit on my first real day of real summer vacation (I am a teacher, so this is a great time of year).  This day is shaping up better than I thought it could. Today was supposed to be the day that I started getting in shape.  I was going to get back into my workout routine and start eating a little bit better (if I'm going to impress the ladies, I should try to not look so chubby).  This plan was going to work too.  It was going to work until Tiger Woods sunk an awesome birdie putt on 18 last night.  I am no golf expert, but I do enjoy watching it on TV.  I really enjoy watching it when Tiger is involved.  He makes it exciting and interesting. Then you add in this Rocco character and you have a recipe for awesome golf viewing... on a Monday... for the U.S. Open Championship! Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah.  Because of this unexpected golf viewing, the get healthy routine will have to wait a day.  Oh darn.  The summer of Sheets' Va Jay Jay still starts today!

That gets me to my main reason for posting something today.  I went over the Journal Sentinel's website to see what they have to say about stuff today.  I made the mistake of scrolling down to the sports area and clicking on an article my Michael Hunt.  I know we are all aware of the blob that is Mike Hunt.  He is not a gifted writer by any means.  I'm surprised that he can use anything that isn't a mono-syllabic word.  His article today is about instituting instant replay in baseball.  He is all for this ridiculous idea.  He is also interested in getting it started yesterday.  What a d-bag!

I'm not sure how the rest of the contributors here QatB feel about instant replay in baseball (I know how Reid feels, and he agrees with me) but I hate the idea of it.  There is a big push to make baseball games go quicker.  Doesn't this seem counterproductive?  There are so may more arguments against instant replay in baseball, but I don't feel like touching on them here. Reid has a great argument all set up.  I hope he posts it here for all to read.

My suggestion for all of these disputed calls and cry babies is pretty simple.  Fans, stop being idiots.  In Houston this weekend, some idiot Astros' fans got in the way of Hunter Pence (pronounced under pants) robbing a home run and possibly saving the game for the home town team. Instead, the ball is a home run and idiot fans win again.  Not all home runs, or not home runs, are thought to be the opposite of what they are due to idiot fans.  Some are just hard to tell if they actually go over the wall.  Players are in the way or some parks are just plan stupid and have dumb rules.  My suggestion to clear this up is simple as well.  Hit the weight room, Sally! Hit the ball farther.  If you hit it over the wall by more than 2 inches, there wouldn't be a dispute.

Now that I am all upset because I read some crap by a bad writer (I refuse to link to this garbage because I don't want to drive readers there or allow him to think that he matters) I need to relax.  Back to the gorgeous HD sights of Torrey Pines and watching two golfers that could probably play left handed and beat me.  Go Tiger!

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Moongoose McQueen said...

You want to keep me as a baseball fan? Get instant replay into the game as soon as possible.

I understand all the arguments about "the human element" of baseball, fears about instant replay creeping into other parts of the game, and not wanting to decrease the instances of managers going out to express their displeasure with the umps and kick dirt at them like men.

My entire stance is this: if you have a process at your disposal that will clarify better than human eyesight or memory whether a ball is foul or a (potentially multi-) run scoring play, and you refuse to take it, then you and your game can go back to the early 1900's where you belong. I enjoy sports that can embrace the 2000's, thank you very much.