Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If nothing else, the Buzz Williams era...

... will have great BBQ!

Just returned from the first ever Buzz Williams BBQ.  I'm not sure what the real name of it is, but it was a good time.  I attended the event with SB Tony Gwynn, Mrs. SB Tony Gwynn, and Devil's Threesome.  We definitely got our $10 worth.  The food was from Famous Dave's and it wasn't just a little bit. It was a lot bit.  You could have all 3 entree choices if you want.  So being the fat guy that I am, I took a piece chicken, some ribs, and the pork sandwich.  There were also delicious beans and some fine dessert.  Enough about the food.

It was a very nice, relaxed atmosphere.  The players mingling with everyone and taking pictures and struggling thru small talk, because that is what you do with small talk when you are a young african american college basketball player talking to middle aged white guys and young kids.  The highlight, besides the food, was Buzz talking to the entire crowd.  I like this guy.  I always seem to back the coaches.  SB Tony Gwynn seems to think that smoke is being blown up our behinds, but that is what coaches do a lot of the time.  They blow smoke. I know that and I accept that.

The thing I'm really taking away from this is that I believe that the future of Marquette Basketball is in good hands.  He spent a lot of time introducing the players and the staff.  Not just the new coaches, but everyone from the office people to the tutor... I mean everybody.  SB Tony Gwynn commented on how there are a lot of people involved in a college basketball program.  I also found it interesting that they have one lady that just makes sure they don't commit any violations.  Good to know.

He also spent time talking about how academics are important.  He made sure to point out Ooze and talk about how he graduated and said that Trend would be done in December.  He also talked about the 4 seniors (Dwight Burke and 3 other guys that I haven't really heard of) and how they would all graduate on time.  He seems to be into getting good individuals in here.  Say what you want about Crean (and we all have) but he did bring in guys that weren't "thugs" or big, white, dumb crackers.  At least we have a clean program.

I am now very excited for MU Basketball.  It's a good thing the Brewers are staying competitive to make the time until November a little more interesting.


Rubie Q said...

Buzz was on with Homer when I was driving home, and Homer was asking him what kind of offense we're going to run in the halfcourt. And Buzz said: "Do we need two points or three points?" Homer said: "Two." Buzz asked: "Are they playing man to man or zone?" Home Team said: "Zone." And Buzz said: "We'll take the first open look we get."

I mean, at what point can I be concerned about this? Buzz has been asked -- repeatedly -- about his offensive philosophy, and he's never given an answer. Please say something, Buzz. Anything. Say "motion" even if you're not going to run a motion offense. Otherwise, I get concerned that we're going to see 12 dribble hand-offs per possession again next year.

Devil's Threesome said...

I'm totally fine with Buzz deflecting all those questions. Remember that outside of the Bush administration, college coaches are the most paranoid group of people anywhere. Why show your hand when you don't have to? Will it give us an advantage? Maybe? Does it matter if he stays mum? Not at all! Dom did say on WSSP (boom!!) that the guys will have more freedom the court. Not sure what that means, but I think we can eliminate the swing.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I like your point devil's threesome. you are so wise.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

79 days into the Buzz administration and Rubie's all ready on his ass. Give the guy some time to breath. Is it possible that he's spent the past 78 days hiring an entire staff, contacting all his old/new recruits, signing several new juco's, run his basketball camps, and decorated his new office? He's got the entire summer to watch his players and come up with an offense that best fits his team. Its not like he's Bo Ryan and has been running the Schwing for his entire life. Let's take a deep breath, bash Nedly some more and worry about Marquette in October.

PS-I love Buzz and the smoke blowing. I agree with Va Jay Jay and Devil, we are in good hands.

Rubie Q said...

Will it give us an advantage for Buzz not to talk about his offensive philosophy? D's 3S says: Maybe.

MAYBE?!? How does this possibly provide any benefit? Everybody will know what offense we're running after our first two games. So, unless we're trying to get the drop on Northwestern South Central Alabama, there's no possible benefit for dodging this question.

On the other hand, not talking about it gives one of two impressions: (1) Buzz is an obstinate dickhead who's already slinging political-style non-answers (and for a university that just got rid of one obstinate dickhead who made a habit of slinging political-style non-answers, this is not the impression we want to give); or (2) he doesn't know. I don't want it to be Number One; I shudder to think it's Number Two.

Just answer the goddamned question!

Devil's Threesome said...

It's not like we're going to throw the whole playbook on the floor in the first two games - no one does. Also, I'm sure the offense will be phased in as the year goes on and we'll see more and more wrinkles.

Relax dude. Please name me one college coach in football or basketball who has ever discussed at any length what his offensive plan will be. No one does it!! Ever! It's always a vanilla answer. Does it give them an advantage? Maybe, maybe not, but that's the nature of the business. I would prefer that he flat out said that he won't disclose our plans instead of being coy, but that doesn't matter one bit.

Quit being so damn entitled. What have you done to demand to know our offensive game plan? Let's get a loss or two under our belts before jumping all over the dude. Remember Crean is the guy who delivered the worst loss in MU history and a home loss to Western Michigan in the NIT.

Rubie Q said...

Basketball coaches talk about their offensive philosophies all the time. Roy Williams talks at length about the secondary break. Tex Winter has books on the triangle. Bo Ryan has made a career out the swing. Bob Knight runs clinics on motion offense. In football, yes, they're highly secretive. In basketball, they confer with each other about concepts and plays on offense. It's not rare at all.

And get off your soapbox telling me I'm acting "entitled." I'm not asking to see the playbook, for Christ's sake. I just want to know what our GENERAL philosophy is. I don't understand the need for evasive non-answers on something as simple as that. If he wants to say, "We're going to take elements from all kinds of offenses -- 4 out 1 in, motion, swing...", that would be fine. But refusing to discuss it and instead throwing out smart-ass comments? I just don't see what it accomplishes.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...
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Devil's Threesome said...

Bob Knight - 40 years
Roy Williams - 20 years
Bo Ryan - 30 years

They've all been around forever, that's the difference. I would rather have Buzz hide his cards. As I said, I could do without the smartass responses too, but that's really nitpicking.