Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The I.R.S.!

Since it is exclamation point day (or something like that) here at QatB, I felt the need to post something just to be a part of it.  It is fun!!!

So a story came out today that the Milwaukee Brewers first baseman and resident vegetarian owes quite a bit of money to "the man".  He owes over $400,000 from 2003 when he signed a contract and got an over $2 million signing bonus.

Okay, some interesting things to think about here.  His daddy got into quite a bit of trouble for not paying taxes and just general douche-baggery in his post (and during) his playing days.  Did Prince take a cue from his daddy in arranging his finances? Doesn't he have people that do this for him?  Is Scott Boras somehow to blame?  (I really wish that was true).  Is this his wife's fault? (probably not the reason, but I figured I would throw it out there.  Maybe she is some communist or something.  Maybe.)

So where does this lead us?  Some people in the commenting land at jsonline, think this might make it easier to sign the old slugger.  They said that since he would be really low on funds now since he has to pay this off, that he might be more willing to sign something.  Not sure if that is a possibility, and I'm not sure if I want that, but who knows.  Would Prince really be happy if he had to sign for the reason?  I have no idea.  Someone else also suggested that this is hanging over his head and that is why he isn't playing well.  I'm pretty sure that person just won the award for someone on the website over at jsonline that is dumber than Mike Hunt.  (I really wanted to trash Hunt again today, but his article wasn't that horrible.  It actually made sense.  Dammit!)  If Prince is struggling (which he really isn't anymore.  He is hitting almost .290 and is starting to get his homerun stroke back. He is vastly improved from earlier this year. People are stupid!) because he this is hanging over his head, then he has a psyche that is more fragile than Turnbow's.  He was struggling because he was swinging out of his booties and only trying to mash the ball.  He all of a sudden starts hitting singles and going the other way and then low and behold his home run stroke comes back and he is looking better up there.

So, is this a huge issue... Yes?  I mean anytime someone owes someone else almost half a million dollars, that is a big deal.  Unless of course you are Charles Barkley.  Will it affect Prince that much, I kind of doubt it.  We'll see how this all shakes out.

Have a good day!!!

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Moongoose McQueen said...

I'm glad the Round Mound of Mil-town has been doing better recently, despite issues like this. It'll make it much easier to trade his sullen ass to a team more likely to sign him long-term with a nice comfy DH spot waiting with his name on it.