Thursday, June 19, 2008 webmaster, Cubs fan?

So like any normal Thursday afternoon when I have a crap-load of work to do I decided it was time to set it aside (because that shit can wait until tomorrow) for a little net surfing and I log onto Brew Crew is up 8-0 in the top of the 8th, nice, and then the front page "click here" story says this “Bush has no-hitter brewing against Jays”. What the fuck are you thinking?! Are you trying to jinx a good thing?!! Why would any Brewers fan say something like that, let alone post it on the internets? Not that I expected Bush to throw a no-hitter, let alone a complete game, but come on!

And I look at the game-tracker and Lyle Overbay is up to bat... Bushy gives up a triple followed by a single to Alex Rios. After this I realize that there can only be one reason that something like this could happen (besides thinking Bushie threw the ball well), the webmaster is a Cubs fan.

Think about it, the most cursed team in all of baseball is having a phenomenal season and the Brewers are playing pretty well but can't catch up. I think the Cubs have infiltrated the Brewers organization at several levels and are doing everything they can to make sure the Brewers fail. We have some sort of terrorist cell operating at Miller Park. It's a conspiracy against the Brew Crew. Next thing you know Sheets' Va Jay Jay is going to be playing "Go Cubs Go" at every game.


Rubie Q said...

Move back to Milwaukee. We have banks here. I was just at one yesterday. They had money and everything!

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I will never bow down to the evil Cubs. Never! Never!