Monday, June 23, 2008

My Hawaiian Vacation...

Fresh off the over-night flight home, tanned and starting to peel, thought I'd give you a quick rundown of my vacation. Brother in law is as big of a sports fan as I am so we had plenty to talk about.

Friday 6/13 - All packed up and heading down to FIB -land to drop off the dog and catch our flight the next morning. I get excited when I scroll through the in-law's satellite line-up and I see Twins/Brewers at 7 pm and the channel works at 5:30. Sweet, now I can watch the game instead of having to make awkward small talk with the in-laws about how great eldest Krotiak sister's wedding was and whether or not my father-in-law has done any fishing recently. 7:15, tune to channel 621, no game, blocked, need to spend $15.95 to get the game. $14.95 for MU's round 2 lose to Stanford I can handle, not for the Brewer game so I'll settle for text messages from you guys and listening to parts of the game in my car in the driveway. Oh by the way, the wedding pictures are nice and my father in law fished a few weekends ago at a lake somewhere in southern Wisconsin, got some perch. Crew gets destroyed.

Sat. 6/14 - Got heckled 3 times at O'Hare for wearing Brewer t-shirt. Fuck the Cubs. A crabby SBTG after full day of flying followed by an immediate trip to Pearl Harbor in 85 degree heat only gets crabbier when I find out the Crew lost to the Twinkies again. Shit! Oh well a walk on the beach and some food and lots of beers at Duke's makes everything better.

Sun. 6/15 - Our one night in Honolulu is followed by a early morning hike up Diamond Head. Wonderful view. After hiking down its time to get my pale ass in the sun so we swam for a few hours in the ocean off Waikiki Beach. Our noon checkout arrives and what do you know, the Brewers finally beat the Twinkies. The whole 5 hour time difference is really messing with me. 11 am and the game is over all ready. Watched the back nine at the US Open in the airport and barely have enough time to see Tiger and his Lisa Loeb knee knock in the putt to force a playoff Monday before sprinting to our plane. Sweet, headed to Maui and a celebration of Father's Day at the Hula Grill (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation). Mmmm Hawaiian pulled pork sandwhich-very good!

Mon. 6/16 - A Monday off day for the Crew means no worrying about the game. Head to the golf course to find that the carts are equipped with GPS that include scrolling scores at the bottom. This will come in handy Thursday (see below). Javon Walker robbed and beaten in Vegas, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy;-) Dinner at the fancy Plantation House Restaurant in Kapalua (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation) caps the night. A text message regarding the Section 8 victory cheers me up, glad we finally beat those fuckers!

Tues. 6/17 - We rise at 2 am to board a bus to take us to the highest point on Maui, Haleakala Crater, to watch the sunrise. Its damn cold up there, but quite the sight. The trip down includes a bike ride which was neat. Felt like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. Finally get back to the hotel at noon tired and crabby, feels like we've been up for a day, take nice nap and awake to find the Brewers' power is starting to emerge after scoring all 7 runs of the HR and Parra has a nice day. Quick dip in the Ocean and head to BJ's Pizzeria (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation) in Lahaina and share the best pizza I've ever had with my favorite bro-in-law. Chicago style pizza with an awesome dough filled with shrimp, sun dried tomatoes, and spinach in a Alfredo style sauce. Absofuckinglutely awesome from the first bite to the last piece of crust. Very good too with the Bikini Pale Ale from Maui Brewing Company.

Wed. 6/18 - Start the day feeling good. Sheeter on the mound so they are in good hands. Head off on our day long journey along the "Road to Hana" across the winding roads of eastern Maui to take in the sights and swim at the 7 Sacred Pools, the black sand beach, and the ice cold fresh water pools in the caves of the state park. Awesome trip and well worth the dangerous drive and no cell phone reception. Come home to discover the Crew won again. Fuck the Blue Jays and their lame ass song.

Thurs. 6/19 - Going for the sweep and back on the golf course. Tracking the progress of the game on the cart, Crew up 2-0 after one, up 6-0 after 3. Nice way to take the sweep, Bushy must be throwing the ball well today. 8-1 after 8. Nice! Then on the 14th hole it started going down hill. Snap hooked the second shot and the nasty trade winds carried the ball O.B. After that shot, bro-in-law yells from his cart, its 8-6 give me your phone. He calls his dad and we get the play by play for the rest of the game. Thank God we pulled that one out, had us a little nervous. No mention of the perfect game until we get back to the hotel and see the highlights. Bought my golf shirt souvenir from Matt Walsh, assistant golf pro at Ka'anapali. If that name doesn't ring a bell he's the spygate guy from the Patriots. Yeah, actually thought about asking him to autograph my receipt. Ahi Burger at LeLahni's on the beach (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation) followed by an afternoon on the beach and an authentic Hawaiian luau with an open buffet and bar cap off the night.

Fri. 6/20 - A early morning drive the the Maui winery (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation) started the day. Nothing like having a wine buzz at 9:30 am. Headed back to the beach to do some snorkeling along Black Rock. Saw a sea turtle and cliff-jumped off the rock into the Ocean. 1 and 2/3 innings by Soup, wow nice work buddy. Fucking Orioles they should just be contracted, debated the merits of inter-league play in the pool and whether or not the Packers need Jason Talyor. A surprise sunset (booze) cruise complete with open bar and buffet by the parents completed the day. Luckily for us there were only 15 people on the 45 person boat so we had the run of place and we were the only one's drinking.

Sat. 6/21 - Finally a day to sleep in, but its our last day so we head to the pool and beach for some morning R&R before our check out. Have some time to kill so we go to the Maui Ocean Center (thanks Rubie and Mrs. Q for the recommendation). Leave Maui at 5 pm after getting both harassed and high fived by the TSA security guys for my Red Sox's shirt, arrive in Dallas at 5 am. Discover the Crew beat the Orioles, M.C. Lung getting it done.

Sun. 6/22 - Get to Chi-town at 9:30 and head back to the in-laws. A power nap and we hit the road heading home. The wife naps so I get to listen to last 2 hours of the Brewer game. Another nice win and a successful home trip.

All and all we had a great time.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The Lisa Loeb knee. Those are tricky as are the Lisa Loeb ankles.

It sounds like you tried to recreate the Rubie Q vacation. We'll have to see who did it better (i'm talking about the vacation not sex).

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

4 times...

I'm talking about using Rubie's recommendations, not sex:-)

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...
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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

Wow. I really don't know what to say. I thought stopped after marriage. Guess not.

Devil's Threesome said...

why the fuck were you wearing a Red Sox shirt you fucking turncoat? You don't see me wearing an LSU shirt do you? I knew that Michigan St shirt was a sign of bad things.