Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Word - Yosty

Yosty - n - A confounding and/or condescending comment spoken by the Milwaukee Brewer baseball club's manager
Word origin - root word "Yost" taken from said manager's last. Suffix of "y" was added as a homage to said manager's pet name propensity, see: Bushy, Benny, Brauny, et all.

We have two Yosties today courtesy of the Urinal Sentinel:

Manager Ned Yost took exception to being asked if he was gaining confidence in Seth McClung as a starting pitcher because of his recent good outings. Yost said he already had confidence in McClung or he wouldn’t have given him a shot to start. “I have the same amount of confidence as when I put him in,” he said. “It’s not like the first time I started him I had no confidence in him and give him a dime for every good inning he has, then it gets built up in the bank and all the sudden he has $1.20. I have confidence in him or I wouldn’t have put him in the starting rotation.”

In reference to Corey Hart now batthing leadoff and having more chances to steal bases:
“Why would it open up his running game?” Yost said. “He could still have the bases clogged up now. The only guarantee that he’s going to have the bases clear is his first at-bat.” That might be true in some lineups, but maybe not so much with this one. With Mike Cameron (.294 on-base percentage), Jason Kendall (.326) and either Craig Counsell or Joe Dillon (both decent on-base guys), not to mention the pitcher, all in front of Hart, the bases might be cleared more often than when he hit behind Braun (.326) and Fielder (.363).


Devil's Threesome said...

"Rickie Weeks is a run scorer!"

Moongoose McQueen said...

I was stunned as well by that second statement about Hart, but then I took a look at the stats. Weeks has had 141 ABs with nobody on base, while Corey has had 144 ABs (including the last couple of games) with nobody on.

Regardless of the historical basis for his statement, Neddy sure can come across as an arrogant prick sometimes. I'd love to see a joint interview with him and Brett Myers, so that Yost can refute everything said to him while Myers calls people retards and beats the shit out of them for daring to think they understand the game of baseball.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

do we credit Mr. Yost with the names Corey, Manny, and Billy or where those in place pre-Yost?