Monday, June 9, 2008

Of Weddings and Getting Old, Part III

Some random musings from the weekend that was in Green Bay.
  • The drive to Green Bay is horrific. You think, "Hey, it's only 2 hours, it's not that bad, I'll just spend my time laughing at all the funny place names and making fun of Badger frontcourtmen in my head." Then, 45 minutes in, you are ready to scratch the corneas off your eyes. It's sad when the Fox River is the most impressive thing you see on the whole trip. #2 is that huge "classic car dealership" on the east side of the road. I don't know how Mrs. von Dohmenschmidt did that once a week
  • In the grand scheme of eternal damnation, does swearing in a Lutheran church count any worse than swearing in a non-secular place? It's a Prostestant church, I shouldn't get more demerits
  • I have to call out Rubie Q. His PDA with Mrs Rubie Q, Esq got my hinder in trouble on Friday night. Word to the wise, don't mess with a pre-menstrual future Mrs Devil's Threesome. Apparently, I wasn't paying enough attention to her which resulted in an early retreat and a cuddle-free night
  • Anyone else freaked out and then amused by the Reid father-son likeness? The elder even had the patented Reid shot routine down. Point at each recipient of the shot, raise the shot glass, raise eyebrows and down the hatch
  • By the way, I'm too much of a pussy to take shots of Crown Royal
  • The wedding food was damn good
  • The cheese curds at the Stadium View were damn good
  • My only quibble with the wedding party stuff was the bus ride. It was dead. I'm not sure that anyone is to blame, but that bus felt like the Kohl Hole after Burke sunk those two free throws. OK, I'll pass some blame, the significant others calmed it down, which was probably for the best in the long run
  • I have to blame our White Sox rootin' friend for the Soul Finger mishap. He claimed the DJ told him he didn't have the song in his library. Therefore, we smoked stogies instead
  • Boo-urns to the football passing game at Stadium View. They had a sharp thingy that I caught my left thumb on, causing bleeding. It may have been karma out to get me since I was spazzing out and firing the balls as hard as I could and hitting innocent bystanders in the process
  • The marketing geniuses struck again at the HGI. Congrats to the Hilton corp for providing drunk food. For the price of $9 (the burned roof of my mouth was complimentary), I was able to scarf down two packages of pizza rolls and a chicken burrito on Saturday night. I give credit to that for my decent state on Sunday morning - and my tubbiness
  • Mad props (I learned that term from Marshall) to Tiffany for rolling with the punches on the DJ-Jerel introduction. Not only did she chest bump my fat ass, but she did it in heels.
  • Has anyone perfected the "Morning Ninja" quite like FPMKE? Regardless of drunkeness, you know his ass will be in the car and out of Dodge before anyone has their morning purge
  • The future Mrs. Threesome and I have some major shoes to fill. I just hope she goes along with my pirate theme plan. I can see it now, arriving at Lakefront on the Brew City Queen with eye patches, peg legs, parrots and swords. I'm too classy to make a Viking themed rape joke here, oh wait, I just did...


Rubie Q said...

PDA? What the fuck? Because I put my arm around my wife every once in a while? THAT got your wife's panties in a twist?

And who says "I'm calling you out"? Are we going to duel at dawn tomorrow? Who's choosing the weapons? I say we use switchblades. Guns for show, knives for a pro.

Devil's Threesome said...

All I'm saying is that you're a bit of a petter.

We are dueling at high noon with meat cleavers. We can do it on the Northwest side. They're used to that sort of stuff.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The football throwing game was a sight to behold. I'm still laughing at the comment about the late night food from the HGI.

I still apologize to the HGI staff for my regurgitation on Friday night.