Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pay attention kids.

Everything that you kids out there have heard about drinking, playing video games, and being a fat slob are totally wrong.  I am living proof of that.

You are always told to not play too many video games and get outside and be somebody.  I partially agree with this statement.  I'm so old that I grew up at a time when going outside was really the only thing to do.  Atari hit it big when I was a little older during my youth, but I still loved going outside.  I suggest a nice balance of outside and playing video games.  Playing video games until 3 or 4 in the morning is probably the proper way to do it.  And while you are playing those video games until the wee hours of the morning, why not crack open an ice cold Miller Lite.  Finally, you might as well eat a huge plate of macho nachos.

This post does have a point.  While at a local watering hole after a great softball victory, I had the chance to participate in a Guitar Hero contest.  Just for purchasing Miller Lite (something we do anyway) we got to play.  The high score also won a prize along with a T-shirt that everyone got for playing.  I was excited because the prize was actually something I wanted.   You got two free Summerfest tickets as well as two passes to the Miller VIP area at the Miller Oasis.  That is cool, but it is even better when a band that you want to see is playing.  The tickets are for July 2nd, which just so happens to be the night that Coheed and Cambria is playing.

I do love playing Guitar Hero.  I'm not that best ever, but I can hold my own.  Lucky for me, I did just that.  I took on the current points leader in a battle and destroyed his score by 13,000 points.  Now I am the holder of the Summerfest prize package.

As you can see, drinking, playing video games, and being the fat dopey one does pay off.  Plus I'm pretty sure that the Miller Lite girl totally wanted me because of the way I was sweating while destroying the competition.*

If you feel like doing some reading on the topic of video games being good for you, I suggest you check out this book.

*not actually true... I wish it was though.


Rubie Q said...

You have played Guitar Hero enough to reach 1,000,000 points!





Softball's Tony Gwynn said...
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Rubie Q said...

Mr. Gwynn:

It's called 'South Park.' You may have heard of it. It's on the Comedy Channel.

Also: I would rip shit up in a Wii bowling contest.