Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SB's Tony Gywnn's Brewers Rankings...

An off day for the Crew gave me some time to reflect on the first part of the season and rank my favorite Brewers on the active roster. Here goes:

1. Braun-New face of the franchise and will be my favorite Brewer (see jersey tee) for the next 7.5 years. 5 tool player and stats would be awesome if it weren't for a bad start but I blame that on the contract negotiations. Not nearly as bad of a outfiedler as I thought and will be RF once LaPorta is ready to go. Helping 'Swinging Man Bunt' climb the fantasy standings.

2. Hart-Hart IS A MAN! Would be a five tool player if he got those power numbers up, but there's nothing wrong with doubles and triples and timely hitting with men in scoring position. Plays pretty good defense. Sign this man up to a Billy Hall like contract to be CF of the future. Helping 'Swinging Man Bunt' climb the fantasy standings.

3. Fielder-Would be #2 if his average was higher and he played a little better defense. Is being overshadowed by Braun and is too much of a stubborn fuck to sign a deal like Braun. So much for getting your $10 mil in Arbitration like Ryan Howard. Hope he gets going soon, we need him. Helping 'Swinging Man Bunt' climb the fantasy standings.

4. Sheets*-Feel confident every time he takes the mound we are going to win. Our ace. He's having too good of a year to sign him to a longer deal at the end of the year, but I hope he gets a huge contract from somone next year becuase it means he made it thru the season strong, which can only be a good thing for the Crew. Love watching him make the knee’s buckle with that nasty curve and its fun watching him try to be a hitter. *ranking based on keeping the sand out of his Va Jay-Jay.

5. Torres-Hopefully our new closer for the rest of the year. Has taken over Bushy’s nickname of “The Bulldog”. Helping 'Swinging Man Bunt' climb the fantasy standings.

6. Gallardo* (DL) -Future ace of the team. He’s a true pitcher ala Greg Maddux. *ranking based on keeping the sand out of his Va Jay-Jay.

7. Villanueva – New ranking based on Chuckie New Town the reliever. Thrived in the role last year, but wore down. Hopefully doesn’t have the same fate this year. He’s in a better situation since he doesn’t have to go thru the 5th inning. Should be Rubie Q and Nedly’s new "8th inning guy". Can make some good money as a reliever (see Riske, Gagne, Mota, Torres, etc).

8. Parra – Starting to pick up the face and I think will be a great #2 to Yo at some point in the future.

9. Kapler – Need to start playing him more in center. Or move Hart to center and play Kapler in right. I’ll take a few fielding miscues and some solid hitting versus solid defense and a few hits (see Mike Cameron).

10. Dillion - Hopefully he’ll get a chance to have some consistent playing time at 2B, but is a pretty versatile bench player/pinch hitter and puts solid at bats together.

11. Suppan – You know what you are going to get with Soup. Probably paying
him too much but he’s a real pro and can put together some solid starts for us. Very experienced which may help us out in the long run.

12. Kendall – Handles the pitching staff very well and has played almost everyday. Not as bad at throwing out runners as we originally thought. Hey did you know that he spent the off season working on his throwing technique with is dad, a former big league catcher? We all knew his hitting was a bit stretch at the beginning of the year and has come back to earth.

13. Branyan – Its been a good experiment to try the platoon at 3B and Branyan has been very good. Will provide some protection for Hart in the 6 hole and is good for a homer or two a week. Getting used to the K’s and love watching the long ball.

14. Hardy – Solid defender with great arm (apparently some think he doesn’t have range). Streaky hitter that I think will get hot if he get’s the chance to bat in the 2 hole. It he hits here Braun will provide him some protection (both in the line-up and with the chicks). Apparently chicks dig Hardy and he puts asses in the seats, mostly nice little tight asses with long tan legs and super tight jersey tees and the pony tails thru the back of the ball cap. Ok, time to get back on track. He was an All-Star last year.

15. Weeks – Defense has gotten better, wish his average was a little higher, but when he gets on base he steals bases and scores runs. Plus he’s gotten his fare share of bad luck. When you look at the balls he’s put in play on nights when the wind is coming out of the east and we are facing a pitcher we’ve seen before when less then 2 strikes, Rickie’s batting .750. Still like the guy though.

16. Counsell – Does what he’s supposed to do, plus I have a funny feeling he’s going to score the winning run in the divisional playoffs when we knock off the Diamondbacks in game 5 against Webb.

17-23 – Bushy, DiFelice, Dillard, McClung, Mota, Shouse, Tavarez – You don’t know what you are going to get out of this collective group night in and night out. Bushy can be really good at home, then give up 8 in the 6th. There’s a reason DiFelice has been in the minors for 10 years. Gonna give Dillard an incomplete for right now. McClung seems better in the pen, but every once in a while has a good start. Shouse used to be awesome, but he is in his 40’s, should just be lefty specialist. Ol’ Dirty Cap does what he does and sometimes looks good.

24. Rivera - Good back-up catcher that will get his chance once Kendall is gone. Hitting pretty well for only playing once a week, maybe.

25. Hall – I’d really like to give Billy some more love, but I can’t. His defense is bad, his hitting is bad, and now he’s becoming a whinny biatch. Sorry Braun tapped Trenni before you did, sorry you got moved 3 times in 2 years, sorry we can’t find a spot in the everyday line-up for a .220 average hitter, sorry you can’t use a pink bat everyday, sorry they no longer have a section on Tuesday nights that chants your name, sorry you need “laser” eye surgery. Did you guys know he’d be a much better hitter if he just took some of those balls to the opposite field?

26. Cameron – Boy his first game against the Cubs was awesome but it seems like a long time ago. Needs to spend more time on the bench.

27. Gagne (DL) – Ok, I admit the signing is not looking to good, but it was still a low risk, high reward signing. What’s $10 mil? He’s going to be gone after this year and who knows maybe he’ll help us when he gets back.


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The only person that loves the Gagne signing is Bill Hall. That way he is not last on this list.

Rubie Q said...

Um, where is Tony Gwynn on this list? You might have to change your handle.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Tony Gwynn is not ranked cuz he's in AAA. But we all know: Baseball Jesus is #28 on the list, #1 in our hearts.

Devil's Threesome said...

I'm going to nitpick here b/c I'm an a-hole. stg claims that Brauny is a 5 tool player. Isn't one of those tool a glove? Because Brauny ain't never gonna win a Gold Glove. I still love him though and seeing him swing a bat stirs ravenous gay thoughts in my head that were heretofore reserved for Sheets' Va Jay Jay.