Friday, June 6, 2008

Sheets' Va Jay Jay Ruins it for Everyone

That's right folks.  I have accomplished something the Buzz Bissinger could not.  I got Will Leitch to quit  Well, I actually had nothing to do with it, but it is a funny story.  Maybe not funny, but I'm going to tell it anyway.

We here at Quevedo at the Buffet have talked about how awesome it would be to be linked off of  Most of us here read that website several times each day.  I know that I check it way too much and I'm sure it is affecting the education that my students are receiving, but I'm fine with that.  Leitch is a skilled writer and a funny person.  Yesterday I decide to take the bull by the horns and send him an email telling him about our little blog that has been started. Hoping that he would find it funny and link to us in his daily blogdome piece.  About 15 minutes later he put up a post saying that we was leaving Deadspin as the editor.

Did I actually have anything to do with this.  The answer is no.  It was awfully creepy though  and those of us at QatB did exchange some non-work related emails about it.  We here at Quevedo at the Buffet wish Will Leitch the best in his future career.  You can rest assured that you will still get the same annoying and vulgar insight here at this blog.  We are also sure that Deadspin will be left in good hands and will continue to be a great site.


Rubie Q said...

I like to think the whole thing went down something like this:

WILL LEITCH: La la la, checking my email, la la la, penis pump, la la la, pyramid scheme, la la la, eCard from Buzz Bissinger (again), la la la...wait a minute...

What the fuck is this? ANOTHER fucking email about some dipshits who decided to start a blog?!? THAT'S IT! I'VE FUCKING HAD IT!

(WILL LEITCH destroys entire Deadspin compound.)


Devil's Threesome said...
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