Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tough Outing for Sheets?

For all the crap I take for being an "optimist", I can't imagine what its like to see the Brewers through Rubie Q's eyes.

Text message sent at 1:38 by Rubie with one out in the bottom of the second "Sheets doesn't have it today. Hope it doesn't matter"

Benny's line today: 7 IP, 7 hits, 3 runs all earned, 2 walks, 9 strike outs and as a batter 0 for 2 with a walk and a run scored. Recorded outs via the strike out on 6 of his last 13 batters and only allowed 2 hits after the 3rd. Not to shabby for "not having it today".

Like I said before, I feel extremely confident when Benny is on the mound, especially when the Crew puts up 5 runs in the first two innings, despite what Rubie "Negative Nancy" Q says. Nice road trip for the Crew even though we gave away 2 games in Colorado. Here's to another 9-1 home stand (well 8-1 actually).

And oh yeah, the Cubs won again. Its kind of ridiculous when you look at it. Overall record 43-24 (.642), Home Record 29-8 (.784), Road Record 14-16 (.467). That's 55% home games thus far.

The Brewers- Overall record 35-31 (.530), Home Record 19-10 (.655), Road Record 16-21 (.432). Brewers have played only 44% at home. My point, wait until the schedule events out a little including 6 games against the Scrubs in Miller Park.

Ok, I'm probably done posting for a week or so. Keep me up to date on the sports happenings and keep Rubie Q off the Hoan Bridge. Aloha.


Rubie Q said...

When I wrote that, Cap'n Snatch had just given up a homer to Tejada, a double to Lee, and an RBI single to Michael Fucking Bourn. Yeah, I don't think I was going out on a limb to say that Sheets didn't have his best stuff.

Rubie Q said...

Also: I got this text from SB's Tony Gwynn on Wednesday, when the score was 7-6 Brewers in the seventh:

'We r losing this game.'

You're starting to see the world through my eyes, m'boy.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

You weren't supposed to bring that up. Besides, my comment was resulting from all the Astros getting fired up from the umps calls. Figured they'd come out and score 10 runs in the last inning. I stand corrected and really all I wanted to say was I love Benny! Even when he's off he's good.

Reid You Animal! said...

That's what makes an ace an ace. Sheets DIDN'T have his good stuff yesterday, and it didn't matter. He was totally out of rhythm. He was walking around the mound, picking at his fingers, and wiping his sweat the whole game. It was far from the catch the ball and fire it mode that we usually see Sheets operating in. But he still got it done, and got the W (despite the 'pen trying to sabotage him). Making a bad outing into a good outing, that's what #1 starters do. Man, it's gonna suck not having him next year.