Thursday, July 31, 2008


If the Brewers manage to miss out on the playoffs again this year, there isn't a chance in hek that Nedly returns as head coach in '09. Attanasio and Melvin new that there was enough talent on this team and had enough confidence in them that they gave up their #1 prospect, Matt LaPorta, to rent CC for 2.5 months. If the last week is any indication, again this team is not capable of handling the pressure of a playoff push. They seemed to have gotten a little too cocky after the last road trip with the home run binge that they went on, and as a result can hardly put the ball in play anymore. Being a bit of an outsider at this point I'm not sure it still exists, but approximately 2 weeks ago they was a giant home run counter located somewhere in the outfield stands at Miller Park. I went bezerck when I heard Brian Anderson discuss it during one of the broadcasts. Now we are more than capable of hitting home runs, but Rickie Weeks and Bill Hall have a hard enough time hitting the ball in play without a giant home run counter staring them in the face. Ned should have told them to tear that thing down the minute it went up. This week we haved witnessed the first 3 games of what we thought was going to be a hard fought 4 game series. Instead, the very good Chicago Cubs have brought out our true colors and in doing so look to go for the 4 game sweep today. We continue to scatter hits, strike out often, and fail to have good at bats with men on base. I hoped I was wrong when I said it in early May, but I said and I quote "We will never win with Ned Yost". It's unfortunate, but I predict we fall short again this year with the Cubs playing great ball (and an incredible starting staff), the Cards right on our heels and returning their top 2 starters, and the top 3 teams in the NL East. It sucks, but I've seen them miss out for 26 straight years now so I'm kind of used to it. Go Pack! Go Huskers!

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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

The home run counter went up after the break last year. It sucks. We hate. We hate it in the scoreboard control too. We want Branyan to hit it and make it explode.

We also think it should shoot gas out of the top of it (it is a Citgo gas pump... C - IT - GO... Get it... lame). Can't the republicans get on that/