Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bringing Sex-y back... thoughts?

Apparently the Mariners have released Richie Sexson. His career has taken a significant downturn since he was traded to Arizona in what can affectionally be referred to as The Diamondbacks Folly.

I personally like to refer to the Sex-y as the gift that keeps on giving. It seems like we have multiple trades that can be traced back to Richie Sexson as a source. I'm too lazy to sort it all out but it's kind of like the Kevin Bacon game so have some fun with that.

Given what the Sex-y used to be able to do for the Brewers and the numerous other washed-up players we've given a second or third chance (Brooks Kieschnick, Gabe Kapler, Russel the muscle, Hideo Nomo, Jeff Cirllo... to name a few), do we pick up the Sex-y as another bat and an option to give Prince a day off?


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Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I could use a intern. Hell, if Bill Schroeder gets an intern, why can't I have one.

Dear Dick Sexson,

I would love for you to come to Milwaukee and be my intern. it is an unpaid internship, but you will gain valuable knowledge and earn college credit.


Sheets Va Jay Jay