Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CC: First Impressions.

We'll continue with the Fan's Guide to CC's new teammates later. Here's what I came away with after seeing Creedence in person for the first time:

(1) He's big. Like, defensive end big. Prince, conversely, is just fat.

(2) He can throw some serious cheese. He was still hitting 97 in the sixth. I mean, Sheets can hump it up there pretty good, but CC's fastball was on another level.

(3) The curve/slider (I'm not sure which he throws) has plenty of movement -- in fact, too much movement last night. He couldn't throw it for a strike -- save for two pitches to Holliday -- and the Colorado hitters just started laying off when they got into a two-strike count. That looked like nerves to me.

(4) Manny Parra should be taking copious amounts of notes every time CC pitches.

(5) We need to update "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain." I'm struggling. Sabathia doesn't rhyme with anything, so you have to use CC. "CC and Sheets and eat your beets"? "Sheets and CC, and Bush is a pussy"? Help me out.

1 comment:

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

"CC and Sheets and put on your good cleats!"

Like the fielders will have to do a lot of running. The batters will have to try harder.

I'm not sure.