Monday, July 7, 2008

Checking in with the residents of Brewers County.

It is now official.  The Brewers are actually going to try this year.  It seemed as if that would happen last year, but they were just kidding.  This year they decided it was time.  It must have been the 15th sellout of the year.  Based on what should be nothing but rejoicing for a team that has disappointed us so many times, I decided to check out the jsonline forum.  I should have known what to expect.

I will start off by saying that I was more opposed to this trade than anyone on Friday night.  I then did research on Saturday morning and turned around right quick.  Why wouldn't you make this trade since we gave up 2 pieces of crap, one good prospect in Laporta, and one possibly good prospect that will be named later.  Let's see what kind of idiots roam these internets.

"I'd rather win in 2008 than 2014.  Not sure about you guys?"

Wait a minute.  A post I agree with in the first 10 comments?  I like this guy.  This might not turn out to be a bad forum.

"Good move for the Brewers, but not enough for the Brew Crew to overcome the Cubs.  Good luck trying, though"

Just when I thought we were safe, a Cubs fan has to pop their stupid head in.  Idiots.

"Prince will have someone to hang out at the 'all you can eat' buffets now."

Okay.  We get it.  They are both big guys.  But, come one.  How many vegetarian or all skittles buffets do you know of?  Do some research.

"This is a great deal for the Brewers... hopefully they can keep him, but I doubt it... if they did keep him and Sheets it would be Sheets, Sabathia, Gallardo, Parra, and whogivesarip as a starting rotation... how awesome is that... Go Brew Crew!!!!"

Well, I'm not even going to comment on the ridiculousness of the punctuation of that sentence, but I will comment on the fact that this person has no concept of money.  Maybe they are from Canada and only deal in weasels.  I'm worried about just keeping Sheets (which probably won't happen).  how can you think we keep both?  They say they doubt it, but then go on to talk about it.  It must have been MikeHunt posting.

"Overall a good move, however they should think about signing either Sheets or Sabathia after the year."

I'm really glad this person posted this otherwise I don't think the Brewers were thinking about that.  Memo to Doug Melvin:  Look into signing one of these two stud pitchers after the year.

This one almost made me have a brain aneurysm, so I'm going to stop now...

TERRIBLE move!!! Small market teams should NEVER mortgage the future for a short term gain like this.  Best case scenario he gets the Brewers about 5 more wins this year than they would have had.  The 2 extra draft picks they'll get next year aren't spit - it's not like the NFL or basketball where you can rely on your high picks to pan out."

Yikes.  First off, I'm glad this commenter screamed TERRIBLE at us.  The small market teams comment is completely stupid.  In looking at small market teams, you can really only hope for short term gains unless you are the Packers in a league with a salary cap.  This is why you build a ridiculously good farm system.  You have to make moves like this.  This commenter ends by saying it's not like the NFL or basketball (which basketball are you talking about? CBA?  Euro Leagues?) where you can rely on your high picks to pan out.  Okay.  The NFL and this unnamed basketball league have far fewer rounds and much more high profile drafts.  How many teams count on their high picks to pan out?  All of them right?  How different is it in baseball?  Wouldn't you expect your first and second round picks to at least do something? I know baseball is a different beast, but come on.  If you can't count on your top pick to contribute something to the organization then why do we play the games and put all of this emphasis on scouting and crap like that.  You take a flyer on a guy in the late rounds.  You don't reach in the first round.  Definitely not in the first 15 or so picks.

Brewers fans are stupid.  My head hurts.  Is it too early to drink?  I didn't even make it half way thru the forum.

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