Friday, July 11, 2008

Chicago Media: Badger Fans Not Diverse, They All Suck

In honor of Iran doctoring their missile launch photos, the Chicago Tribune is running a story about infamous photo fakes. My personal favorite was photo fake #9 when the Badgers decided to show diversity by cutting and pasting a token black guy into the crowd:

"Cheering students appear on the cover of the new application form for undergraduate admissions to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In an effort to show diversity, school officials added the face of a black student (far left, center of photo) to a file photo of students cheering during a 1993 football game. (University of Wisconsin-Madison / September 19, 2000)"

Nice work guys, you made all of Wisconsin very proud.


FPMKE said...

I realize that there is only so much you can do with red and white but seriously why would a photo from 1993 be used on the cover of a year 2000 brochure?

Also, very disappointed that I had to add "Fuck the Badgers" as a label.

Anonymous said...

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