Monday, July 28, 2008

Cubs fans only see Sabathia, not team

In typical Cubs fan fashion this weeks power rankings list the Cubs at 4 and the Brew Crew at 5.

4. Cubs (3): You can argue that this is no longer a top-five team, given the 11-11 record in July, but the Cubs’ plus-110 run differential is still the best in the majors. It suggests that they will be able to hold their own in the upcoming four-game series in Milwaukee. It may seem that the Brewers have captured the NL Central mojo, but we don’t remember anyone offering $1.3 billion when Bud Selig’s team was for sale.

FPMKE: So, what you're saying is that a .500 record over the last 22 games is acceptable because no one has been able to catch up with the run production of the 105 games that the Cubs have played. Apples and oranges? Wait, this guy took it a step further and compared a fruit salad to some deep fried cheese curds with his $1.3 billion comment. What a cock-smoke!

5. Brewers (8): Is there time for CC Sabathia to win the NL Cy Young? It’s a good debate. The feeling here is why not? Brandon Webb is really the only NL stalwart having a vintage season. If he finishes poorly, Sabathia could be in the picture. He’s 4-0 in four starts, the last three of which have been complete games, and should make 12-14 more starts before season’s end. If he finishes 14-2, maybe even 13-3, he could make it tough to vote for Edinson Volquez or Tim Lincecum.

FPMKE: So what you're saying is that you've noticed C(larence) C(arter) Strokin' lately and that he is solely responsible for the Brewers catching up to the Cubs in time for the big series. You didn't notice Ryan Braun hitting dingers or that Billy Brew has been given back sole possession of his job at 3rd base not because of consistency but because of clutch hitting?

Should be a good series gentlemen, let's play ball and settle it on the field.

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