Monday, July 7, 2008

A Fantastic Baseball Weekend...

Crew sweep the Pirates. Arghhhhh! Bring on the Rockies and the Reds.

Braun/Sheets are All-Stars, Corey Hart maybe but I doubt it.

JJ Hardy is filing his paperwork for the "IS A MAN" club. The application has been faxed to Rubie Q.

Crew is tied for the Wild Card lead.

And oh by the way, we just traded for the biggest fish (literally and figuratively speaking) on the trade market. The Brewers are going for it all with the C.C. trade. Not to worried about trading away prospects for a rental pitcher. LaPorta might end up being good, but who cares. Zach Jackson never amounted to anything. Rob Bryson, yeah never heard of him. And the dreaded "Player to Be Named" later. Rumors are it could be Taylor Green a stud 3B in Single A. I'm okay because we didn't have to trade away 2 of our best prospects. They can move Gamel to first to groom him to take over for Prince if they are worried about his 3B errors. They can keep Hart in RF, pick up the option on Cameron for CF next year (or put Gwynn Jr out there if he isn't traded to SD for Maddux), keep the Hall/Branyan platoon at 3B until they get a 3B prospect ready (i.e. Green), keep Escobar to be the SS of the future and move Hardy to 2B or even 3B. But all this posturing is in the future. For the Brewers the future is now and we've set ourselves up for an awesome 2nd half and a legit run at the playoffs (and some wins in the playoffs). Plus if CC and Sheets sign somewhere else we'll have 5 picks in the first round and Jack Z./Melvin can replenish the farm system and try and find that Braun/LaPorta type that can be to the bigs in a year and a half, not to mention draft a ton of pitchers.

Can't wait for the CC debut Tuesday, might still go the game Wednesday if Sheets is pitching. Looking forward to another Suppan outing Saturday. But as Devil's Threesome noted, Suppan is a second half pitcher (see past 2 years as examples). Hopefully that trend continues.

The Brewers need to take full advantage of the upcoming All-Star break to set-up the pitching staff for the important first 2 weeks of the 2nd half. Here's how I'd do it:

7th vs. Rockies - McClung
8th vs. Rockies - Sabathia
9th vs. Rockies - Sheets (push back Parra to keep Benny fully rested prior to All-Star game)
10th vs. Rockies - Parra
11th vs. Reds - Bush (pitching well right now, have McClung ready in the bullpen if needed over the weekend and then decide who to start and who to sent to the bullpen/AAA.
12th vs. Reds - Suppan
13th vs. Reds - Sabathia

18th at Giants - Sabathia (starting on regular rest from Sunday, give Sheets and extra day post All-Star game)
19th at Giants - Sheets (the lethal 1-2 punch starts the second half)
20th at Giants - Parra
21st at Cards - Suppan
22nd at Cards - McClung/Bush/Greg Maddux;-)
23rd at Cards - Sabathia
24th at Cards - Sheets
25th vs. Astros -Parra
26th vs. Astros - Suppan
27th vs. Astros - McClung/BBush/Greg Maddux;-)
28th vs. Cubs - Sabathia
29th vs. Cubs - Sheets
30th vs. Cubs - Parra
31st vs. Cubs - Suppan

This rotation gives us the best match-ups with the huge Cards/Cubs series. I can't wait. I'd love to be still the wild card leader on 8/1. If we were leading the division it'd be gravy.

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