Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Those of You Who Say My Bitching Does No Good...

Consider this:

Since I wrote this about two weeks ago:

"JJ Hardy has regressed to the mean.

Yeah, .251 / .324 / .370 with 5 homers seems about right, doesn't it? At least his defense is still top notch."

...JJ has doubled his homer total while raising his average almost thirty points. So, according to the Laws of Physics, because me bitching about JJ Hardy was followed by JJ Hardy playing better, me bitching about JJ Hardy was the direct cause of JJ Hardy playing better.

You're all welcome.

Also: for Christ's sake, Alice, move your fucking feet on the ball hit to your left! It's not that difficult of a play!


Rubie Q said...

Let's see if I can keep this going:

I would call Rickie Weeks a piece of dog shit, but to do so would be to insult to canine feces everywhere.

Here's an idea, Rick: pull a Roger Dorn. Just turn your back and take one between the numbers every time up. It's the best chance you have of getting on base with any regularity. Let's face it: you wave the bat around like Gary Sheffield, but you can't hit like him.

FPMKE said...

Ohhh, now I can wear my JJ Hardy jersey tee and not get ridiculed too much!