Friday, July 25, 2008

Hot or Not

It appears to be the day of posts here at QatB.  I guess the anticipation of the annual tailgate tomorrow will do that.

I have been thinking about doing this for a little bit because I am bored as all hell during the summer.  When the crew is out of town, I don't have much to do besides suck at golf and watch the hot neighbor girl.

I thought, we are men.  What do men like to t
alk about?  Sports.  Check.  Drinking.  Check.  Women.  Check... now.

I decided to start this off with someone I just saw
 on SportsCenter this morning.

Rachel Nichols

I am a fan of Miss Nichols.  So let's run down the reasons why she is hot or why she is not.

Hot:  Red Head.  I personally really like red heads.  A lot.  She has that going on.

Sports.  She knows about sports and can talk about it.  Not all sports reporters can do that, but she can.  She gets bonus points for not being an idiot.

By all accounts she is not ugly, fat, or a Cubs fan.  And she would probably look good naked.

Not:  I'm not sure what it is, but there is always something about her that I can't put my finger on that makes me think she is not hot.  I can't tell what it is because she looks pretty           good.  I just get the feeling that she is the kind of girl you bring out to meet your buddies for the first time and you are all proud because you are bringing in this girl you think is hot.  But, when you show up, all of your buddies say, "Yeah.  She seems nice."  It's like when Jerry dated Christine Taylor on Seinfeld.  Taylor is obviously an attractive woman, but all of her friends thanked Jerry for taking her out and his friends really didn't have anything good to say about her.  The only people that liked her were Jerry's parents.  That's the kind of feeling I get when I look at her.  I still like her though.

Please leave your comments below and let's see what you think.

1 comment:

Rubie Q said...

NOT: Not a natural red head.

NOT: The way she says "ESP-ennnnnnn." Those four letters should not take 12 seconds to say.

NOT: You have no idea what she looks like from the waist down. The camera only shows her from the tits up. She could very well have a bubble butt. The unknown is not Hot, especially when you're talking about the pooper.