Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I hope you know what you're doing Ted

Now I suspect that we are all well informed with the Brett Favre versus Ted Thompson saga so I will not discuss the latest situation in the matter. However, I do find the whole situation very intruiging and complex the more that I think about it. Like most of you I was shocked that Brett decided to hang 'em up when he did considering how he perfromed last year, so it was one of those reality check moments. I figured it was a hell of a ride, but remained optimistic with the current situation of the team and was actually a little excited that we could forget about this year in and year out retirement saga and begin the Aaron Rodgers era. With what has transpired over the last month or so, I haven't found myself flip-flopping back towards Favre necessarily, but wonder how Brett has gone from one of the greatest Packers of all time, a guy whom could show up anywhere anytime in the state of Wisconsin and be welcome with open arms, to a guy that Ted Thompson won't even allow in Green Bay for the start of training camp. During his tenure as GM of the Green Bay Packers, Ted has taken an extremely unusual approach to building a winning football team. In my opinion, unusual is the politically correct way to describe this.......I would say crazy, stupid, and would often call him a moron. With Brett at quarterback and still playing quite well , one would think that Ted would have tried to surround him with as many offensive weapons as possible, whether it be through the draft or free agency. That would be the easy approach. Instead, he repeatedly traded down and often took players that were not areas of immediate need. Sure he has had some good picks. All gm's do over a number of years, and any one of us could make some good picks, but it was blatently obvious from day 1 that his intentions were to put the needs of the team 3,4,5 years down the road rather than the following. It makes me wonder if he was the GM of the Minnesota twins in a previous lifetime. If he was GM of a small market baseball team, I would have no problem with his approach, but the NFL is a quick fix league. Sign a playmaker here and there and the team can improve immensely in one off season. Now, I am not saying that he should have listened to Brett and traded for Randy Moss or Terrell Owens, but it seems as if Ted has this personal vendetta against Favre and is trying to somehow win and yet avoid anything that meets Favre's approval. It's like a who's dick is bigger battle between Brett and Ted, except Ted has put a lock on Favre's wranglers. So here we camp......and like I said, I can see how the Packers organization is fed up with Brett's flip flopping and has decided to stay put with ARodg. I also agree with them not wanting to release them. The thought of that is just mind boggling. You cannot just give away a player of his value (under contract) and get nothing in return. A 6 year old selling lemonade on the sidewalk has enough business sense to understand that thought. Trading him was a fine thought, but it does not appear that there are any worthy suitors at this point. So again, here we sit lonely hearted, came to shit, but only farted. Two weeks ago, Ted makes a statement claiming that if Brett comes in he is the backup. Now, Brett turns in his reinstatement and is due in Green Bay for practice on Friday, and Ted explains to Brett that he will get fired if Brett shows up. So who's the flip flopper now? Can Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy actually say with a straight face that with Brett and Rodgers side by side in training camp that Rodgers is our starter? Are you serious? Something has happened behind closed doors that we do not know about, and I hope that we can some day find out, because none of this makes any sense. I am looking forward to Brett showing up to camp this weekend and firing 30 yard out patterns to Driver and Jennings. And when he does I predict that Ted Thompson's will find out that not only does he not have as big a dick as he thinks he does, but that he doesn't have any balls either. Brett knows this and once the fans look at Brett and Aaron side by side, they will come back to reality, and put a ton of heat on Thompson the second Brett is holding that clipboard.

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