Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Taking The Day Off.

From being Negative Nancy.

Like most of you (save, perhaps, those of who you have inside knowledge about the team), I had two thoughts when Buster Olney reported two weeks ago that the Brewers were the front-runners for Creedence Clearwater Sabathia (credit to T-Seben):

1. "Buster"? You're a grown man and people still call you "Buster"?

2. Horseshit.

My apologies to you, Robert Stanbury "Buster" Olney III. You nailed that one.

Godspeed to you, Matt LaPorta. I hope you're a 20-time All Star for Cleveland. But I don't care about that right now. Right know, alls I know is that the reigning Cy Young winner is coming to Milwaukee. To pitch for the Brewers.

How about that for a shot across the bow of H.M.S. Cubby Bear? Eat shit and die, Ryan Theriot.

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