Monday, July 21, 2008

In the heart of Packers Country!

I was at a wedding up in the Green Bay area this weekend.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to gauge how the people in the heart of Packers Country felt about the Brett Favre situation.  I'm as sick as anyone of this ordeal, but I decided to put those feelings aside and ask the hard hitting question, "How do you feel about this?"

I was actually relieved to learn that several of the locals were sick of Favre and all this crap. I was sure I would get a lot of answers that had something to do with how they should let him come back and they owe it to him and blah blah blah.  I guess the up north folks ain't that dumb.  A lot of them think it is mean to Aaron "Porn Stache" Rodgers to have all of this Favre crap going on.  I can't really argue against that.

I brought up whether the people thought he should be traded or made to ride the pine.  I am happy to report that no one suggested releasing him.  These up north types are smarter than Greta Van Sustern (I don't know if that is how you spell her name but I refuse to look it up since I think she sucks.  After hearing her on Homer last week she is just a spoiled brat ugly bitch!).  A lot of people said trade him.  They didn't care who he went to, but they would rather that he didn't end up in the North Division.

It was interesting to watch all the news up there with my Dad.  My pops has never been the biggest sports fan.  When you grow up a farm boy, you don't have time for much else besides the farm work.  He was also the oldest, so he worked a ton on stuff.  He is now starting to come around and he actually knows who is on the Brewers and Packers, who they are playing and how they are doing.  He can now carry on conversations about sports.  It's nice.  Don't get me wrong, he was a great sports dad growing up.  He taught me to throw a baseball and how to play that game (the Va Jay Jay's have some good baseball kind of missed me, but I was also way too hurt to try and further my little league all-star career in high school) and also taught me about other sports and would go outside and have a catch for hours.  It's nice now to be able to discuss sports with people back home.  This leads me to the next part.

The wedding I was at was for a cousin on my Dad's side.  My dad's side is very rural.  They grew up a farm family with 12 kids.  For the most part, all of the kids live in the same 30 mile area and work in blue collar jobs.  It's not that I'm not used to this scene anymore, but it's been awhile.  It's not very often when I'm left out of a conversation because the cousins are talking about taking over the family farm or how the boat factory is going.  It made me realize that I'm glad I got out of there and to the "big" city.  It also made me realize that people in this state love baseball.  Not only that, they love the Brewers.  I was like a rock star (aside from being an actual rock star... kind of) when everyone learned I still worked for the crew.  This was way more interesting than any conversation I had about the #4 all weekend.

So, Brett, I love you.  I have loved every minute of your career.  Even when you sucked, it was still better than having Brian Griese, Joey Harrington, Rex Grossman or any other craptacular QB.  But, seriously dude, the time to move on is now.  Stop.  Just stop.  Even the people in the heart of Packers Country realize this.

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