Monday, July 28, 2008

Managers doing their thing.

We are all aware of it.  As fans, we all know which games are the big ones.  You can just feel it.  You get ready for it days in advance.  You can feel it in the air.  You get a little hard when the scent comes by your nose.  That is what we have ahead of us.  The managers of the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs do not feel the same way.

I can understand the role of the manager here.  He doesn't want to make any one series, especially one in July, seem too big.  But you know what, it is.  This four-game series is ridiculously huge.  This is the best chance for any team to put a little distance between them and the loser.  Best case scenario, we leave town up 3 games.  Worst case is that we leave town 5 games out.  I really don't see that happening, but might as well put it out there.  That way I don't seem too confident.

Back to the managers.  Yosty had this to say, "We want our fans to really enjoy it and fun with it, but as a team, we've got to stay focused on what we want. We want to win a championship."  Okay.  We all expected something like this.  Stay focused.  Win a championship.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  This does kind of contradict other things with the whole win a championship talk.  I thought we were supposed to stay focused on the series ahead of us.  That's what he just said during the Houston series... and we see how well that turned out.  If it wasn't for the gigantic balls of Mr. Braun, we would have been swept.  So, are we focused on each series or winning the whole damn thing?  Help me out.

The Cubs manager, Lou Piniella, had this to say, "The series in Milwaukee is important, but it's still July.  It is important, but real big?  I wouldn't classify it as real big."  Wow.  Nice lip service, Lou.  I know it's only July.  I know there is a lot of baseball left.  But, in the words of GOB, "Come on!".  This series could have a huge impact on what actually happens for the rest of the year.  It is four games near the end of July between two teams battling for first place in the best division in the National League.  At this point is there a difference between big and real big?  I'm not sure, but this series is f'ing huge if you ask me.  Each team has their big horses on the mound.  The Brewers are the hotter team right now, but the Cubs are tricky bastards that we all hate.  The fans hate each other.  The best part about it, the players know that we hate each other.  CC is glad he is a little naive about the hugeness of this rivalry.  Braun basically said he wants to rip out the hearts of the Cubs fans and eat it while dancing on the dead body of Zambrano.*

This a is big/huge/ginormous/balls deep series and we all know it.  No matter what the managers try to tell us.

*Might not be true, but Braun does know this is a big f'ing series... despite what his manager tells him.

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