Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Seriously.  Why?  Can anyone answer that?  He has proven that he should only be in the game when we are way down.  Not even way up because it is not safe.

We had other arms that could have been used.  Shouse went out again today, so obviously he was ready.  What about Gagne?  He was good yesterday and should have some arm left.  Hell, trot Torres out there for two innings.  What about Villanueva?  He hasn't pitched in a few days.  Absolutely ridiculous.

I'm upset.  Cut his sorry hinder right now.  Mota is bad. Bad.  Bad.

And give me a break.  GlenDON "Cy" Rusch.  F'n ridiculous.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Hardicourt suggests bringing up Luis Pena, who apparently is pitching very well as a AAA closer. I'm all for that. Maybe Mota can help us down the road, but he's trouble right now. Up until that pitch to Atkins I though Mota might turn it around and then the flood gates opened...again!

Reid You Animal! said...

All indications are that he's about to be designated for assignment. Hey, Joe Borowski is out there.