Monday, July 28, 2008

Series Predictions

I don't know about you all, but I am concerned as hell about this series. Very, very concerned. Maybe I'm just trying to lower my expectations, but I'm hoping like crazy for a split. Here's how I see each game playing out:

Game 1: Sabathia vs. Lilly
We beat lefties like a drum, and Lilly is prone to giving up huge innings. Additionally, CC is rolling, but we can't expect a complete game shutout every time. Basically, this game is a must win for the Brew Crew as the remaining pitching match-ups are difficult. If the Cubs win, we could be looking at a long series. Brewers win 5-2

Game 2: Sheets vs. Zambrano
Great pitching matchup, the question is who can convert on their opportunities. I can't stand Zambrano, but I respect him. I think he'll channel his rage for 8 solid innings along with an annoying RBI single that will have the Cubbies fans jumping around in their popped collars. Cubs win 3-1.

Game 3: Parra vs. Dempster
Toughest game to call in the series. Dempster is much worse on the road, but his off speed stuff could give the Brewers fits, particularly Braun. How will Parra react in the biggest start of his career? Of all the games, this one could turn into a high scoring affair. Prince gets a big hit late to propel the Crew. Brewers win 6-4.

Game 4: Harden vs. Bush
Ick. He's not getting the pub, but Harden's ERA is lower than CC's since the trades. Granted, he doesn't go deep into games. As for Bush, well, it's Bush. He can dominate in an April game against the Nationals, but he will wilt in this game. Cubs blow Bush's doors off and Harden maxes his pitch count after 5 2/3, but it doesn't matter. Cubs win 8-3.

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Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Game One: CC comes up big going 7 and the bats come alive on Lilly who goes 5 and 1/3, 9 hits, 6 runs. Crew 7-2

Game Two: Same as opening day. Crew win a nail bitter in extras as Sheets and Zambrano both pitch solidly and the game is over in 2.5 hours. Brewers win in 10 2-1 on Hart single scoring JJ, off Samaradjkwkiedjmcifl (the former TE)

Game Three: Game of Parra's life and Dempster comes off his all-star horse. Brewers win 5-2

Game Four: Brewers looking for the sweep are forced to have series win as Cubs bat come to life and Cubs route Brewers 9-2.