Friday, July 25, 2008

Something else to make us feel good.

I'm not going to speak for everyone here at QatB, but I'm pretty sure that everyone here is really happy right now.  The Brewers are ridiculously hot and are rolling unlike any other team in the game right now.  The Marquette Basketball situation seems to have come out pretty good after a very messy divorce.  We then had a divorce that was even messier (and not done yet) that I think we have all successfully blocked out of our minds for now.  And now there is this news:

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, A Badger football player has been suspended.  I know that I am shocked, so I can only imagine the shock for the rest of you.  I thought all Badger football players were upstanding citizens that helped old ladies cross the street and blow-up illegal meth labs.  That is what the MJS would have us normally believe.  They love them some BADgers.

The player that was suspended was done so for violating the terms of his first-offender program.  He didn't play in any road games last year because of his violation and now he won't play in any games at all.  He was slated to be the third running back, so I doubt this is a huge blow for the atrocious Big Televen team.

Everything seems to be coming up Milhouse.  Enjoy the ride, folks.

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Rubie Q said...

Christ. The Badgers can't even coddle their players correctly. How the fuck do you let the kid flunk out the first-time offender program? They needed to have someone watching the fuckstick 24-7. Idiots.