Thursday, July 10, 2008


Eight innings, one run, four hits, no walks, and THIRTEEN strikeouts.

Tips cap to Dave Bush, shakes head in disbelief, walks away to try to make sense of the universe.

Up is down. Down is up.


Rubie Q said...

It is now 5:22 p.m., CDT. World still spinnin', as far as I can tell. Sun's still out, so that's a good sign. And I just checked, and there don't seem to be any world-ending natural disasters on the horizon.

I guess we're going to be OK. It looks like the universe is still intact despite the fact that Dave Bush struck out 13 (THIR-MOTHERFUCKIN'-TEEN) batters in a game of professional baseball.

In case the universe collapses in on itself tonight, I love you all. Especially you, SB's Tony Gwynn.

Devil's Threesome said...

I thought Bushy threw the ball well!