Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is right where we want to be.

I don't know about the rest of you Brewers' fans out there, but I really like our position right now.  Yeah, we all like winning 7 in a row.  We all like having the best pitcher in the game right now.  We all like beating the Cardinals to a bloody pulp.  We all like watching the Cubs lose.  But, you wanna know what I really like?  I really like being in 2nd place right now.  Let's think about this.

We really have no pressure on us right now.  Last year at this time we were sweating like a woman of ill repute sitting in a house of the Lord.  We were all waiting for the epic collapse we all saw coming.  We knew it.  We could feel it.  It didn't feel good.  Right now, we are the best story in baseball (I know I'm biased, but come on. Who else is doing what we are doing right now?).  We are on a roll and the fans are loving us.  We are a good story throughout the whole darn country.  Nobody is talking about peeing their pants for the Brewers.  The only ones peeing their pants are the idiot Cubs.  They see what's coming and they see how we caught up real quick.

Here is how I would like to see this go down.  We enter August right on the heels of the Cubs.  We play some nip and tuck ball and stay close.  We hit September a game or two back.  At this point, the Cubs have a collapse that would even make the Pope question his faith.  Think the Bartman game times 70 jabillion.  We just keep charging and end up winning the division by 10 with the Cubs in 3rd place and the Cards taking the Wild Card.

Can this happen?  Probably not.  But there really wouldn't be any huge pressure on the crew like there was last year.  We all win and then we all get drunk.

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