Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today's Blog Is Brought To You By The Letters F-R-A-U-D.

Jim Fucking Edmonds has two homers, including a grand slam. Yeah, that's about right.

Bright Spot #1: King Ned's fate has been sealed. After his showing in this series, there is no conceivable way that His Majesty is back next season.

Bright Spot #2: At least we learned early that our team is full of pantywaists. Now we don't have to spend all August and September wondering if they're going to make a run.

Bright Spot #3: Plenty of fine seats will be available at the ballyard come September.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Enjoy football season Rubie...I'll take your playoff tickets too.

You can't give up on this team because a week ago at this time we were on top of the world after the Cards sweep. The fact of the matter is we are going to be swept and down 5 games to the cubs but we are going to be a game/maybe tied with the Cards and the wild card. Our schedule is very favorable the rest of the way. Get through the road games in August and we'll be fine.

This week was the perfect storm...everything that could have gone wrong did and it snowballed today. There's nothting we can do about that. Win the weekend series against the depleted Braves and next week against the Reds and leave the Cubs series behind.

Rubie Q said...

Like E$ said below, the Cards series was won with smoke and mirrors. The only game we deserved to win was the game CC started. We had THREE last at-bat wins in that series. That's a fluke, not a harbinger of things to come.

This series was a barometer for our chances (a) to get to the playoffs and (b) to make some noise in the playoffs. We flunked both parts of the test.

Good teams don't let things "snowball" and get out of control. Good teams find a way to snag a game, at least, when things are spiraling out of control. What did we do? Drop the last three games by a combined score of 19-4. That spells F-R-A-U-D.

Rubie Q said...

Make that 21-4 in the last three games of the series. Sorry, should have realized that Riske would give up some garbage runs.

Rubie Q said...

Wow, they just keep making my point for me: 23-4 now after the Fuckhead homer.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

This game has been over since the grand slam...hell this series has been over since Sheet's big inning. You can think whatever you want but there are a ton of games left. The next week is we play after this series will tell alot. You can't say its been smoke and mirrors since Memorial Day when we've been pretty good.

Rubie Q said...

Um, yes it has. Let's review who we've played since Memorial Day:

Arizona -- middling .500 team

Colorado -- crap (and we STILL managed to lose 4 of 7)

Houston -- crap

Minnesota -- lost 4 of 6

Toronto -- middling .500 team, may have scored a run sometime last week

Bal'more -- middling .500 team

Pittsburgh -- no comment necessary

Cincinnati -- crap

Frisco -- super crap

St. Louis -- one-man show, incredibly fluky sweep by the Crew

And now the Cubs, who dismantled us.

So, yeah, not having played a team of substance until now, I'm pretty confident saying this post-Memorial day run has been largely smoke and mirrors.

FPMKE said...

Ricky Weeks is not a F-R-A-U-D he just S-U-C-K-S

EMoney said...

I will try to be the voice of reason here because I agree with both sides here. Yes, there is still a lot of baseball left, and we are still in the lead for the wild card. That being said, with our favorable schedule we still stand a very good shot at making the playoffs. HOWEVER, we have some awfully glaring weakness that were exposed this week by the Cubs...those being:

1) defense - we all know about Weeks, but I still think he gets most of the pt the rest of the year regardless of his poor avg/obp and shoddy defense. Braun has been good for the most part but his inexperience is noticeable at times ie. diving for balls that he can't get with 2 men on. did he drop that strike from kendall after the wild pitch (inning snow balled)? He isn't exactly Derek Lee over there.

2) We can't rely on the HR ball, and I don't think that the guys realize it. They need to have more quality at bats. That does not necessarily mean getting base hits. When guys are on with no outs, at least move them station to station. That is crucial when facing good pitching staffs like the Cubs when runs are at a premium. We failed miserably at that in this series! Ned does know we are allowed to bunt right?

The Cubs are exactly the type of team we would face in the playoffs, and they embarassed us. The good news is we now get to play the Chipperless/Texeiraless/Smoltzless Braves followed by the Reds who are kind of a joke down here. So we can bounce right back from this. So in continuing my optimism here, there is still a chance to get a firm grip on the wild card. And once the playoffs begin, anything can happen. We still have a great pitching staff (regardless of what happened against the Cubs), and who knows....maybe Soriano or Derek Lee gets hurt and the Cubs falter down the stretch. There is a lot of time left, so anything can happen.

Rubie Q said...

My own words have failed me. Thus, I turn to the words of Jeffrey Lebowski:

Nothing is fucked? NOTHING IS FUCKED?!? The goddamn plane has crashed into the side of the mountain!

EMoney said...

Just read a Urinal Sentinel article regarding one of the very issues that I just discussed. The numbers are abysmal as we know, but I wanted to point out what our "leader" had to say about the issue.

Ned Yost - "There's nothing you can do about it"

"I don't think it's a major ordeal"

Oh really Ned, so what you're telling me is they are failing miserably and you have no clue how to fix it, nor do you have any intention of trying to fix it. Way to sweep another issue under the rug. With all of these issues that you seem to have no solution for, I don't understand what exactly we need you for then. I've got a feeling that Doug Melvin is going to have a little sweeping of his own to do at the end of the year....sweeping your ass right out of the Brewer organization.

Stats: 3 for 60 (0.050 avg) RISP last 8 games ; 19 for 122 (.156 avg) RISP since the all star break ; 0.239 team avg this year, ranking near the bottom of all of baseball