Monday, July 21, 2008


So, King Ned, is a .215 batting average and .320 on-base percentage what you were expecting out of the second overall pick in the 2003 draft?

"I wouldn't say he has underachieved," said Yost. "He has never been a .300 hitter (in the majors), so who says he is underachieving?

"He's working his way up. He's getting better in all phases of his game. For me, he has never underachieved because he never achieved up here. How can you say he has underachieved?"

Oh, King Ned: in your never-ending, misguided quest to defend your players at all costs, you've given Rickie Weeks one of the most glorious backhanded compliments I've ever seen.  You can't say he's underachieving because he's always sucked dick.  Bravo, sir.  Bravo.

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