Monday, August 18, 2008

'08-'09 Predictions

The Brett Favre saga is finally behind us and we have 2 preseason games under our belts in what is now the Aaron Rodgers era, so I thought I would throw out my preseason predictions. Now we can't put too much stock into preseason games, and I didn't witness one snap of the San Francisco game, but it's hard to come away from the two games overly confident after losing at home to the Bengals and getting bitch smacked by the lowly San Francisco 49ers. Sure Rodgers looked pretty decent the first few series against Cincy, and his receivers haven't helped him much to this point, but if scrutinizing the overall team effort, I have to say that the near future doesn't look too bright. Rodgers should be solid, and our receiving corps is deep, so that should definitely help him get his feet wet, but I suspect that we will go through some growing pains this season. I like Ryan Grant.......not like I like LaDainian Tomlinson.....but he did a hell of a job stepping in last year. I think that much of his success was attributed to our potent passing offense, and the fact that the way Brett was throwing, opposing defenses had no choice but to respect Brett and let the 3rd string running back beat them........which he did. That being said, Brett goes bye bye and passes the torch, check that, was forced to pass the torch to a "rookie" qb, so I suspect that the running lanes will be a little more hard to come by this season. In spite of that, I think that overall our offense will be fine. It won't compare to last year's offense, but provided the O-line doesn't get Rodgers murdered, he has enough weapons to move the chains consistenly enough to win some gains.

My major concern lies (still) in the secondary of this team. I feel like we have the curse of Terrell Buckley or something because the secondary has been a major issue for what feels like a decade now. Sure Harris and Woodsen are solid/physical corners that can hold their own when healthy, but they are not getting any younger and have very little help behind them ie. safeties and nickel/dime backs (see Jarrett Bush as first off the bench). The organization hasn't put a lot of effort into strengthening the secondary of this team of late, so I hope that our lack of depth does not come back to haunt us. Linebackers = solid. We don't have a Ray Lewis by any means, but they get the job done for the most part. The D-line went from an area of strength and depth one year ago, to an injury away from calling up the Green Bay Burger Kings to find where Gilbert Brown is hiding these days. By the way has Justin Harrell tackled anyone yet?????

So after quickly defining my overall thoughts on the team, my prediction........


Tough schedule this year + inexperienced qb = long season. I will sacrifice wins for production and development from Aaron Rodgers without getting him killed. If he his our boy of the future I don't want him to fold under Brett Favre's shadow and turn into the next Ryan Leaf/Tim Couch. Actually Tim Couch would be a good comparison because the fans were such a*holes to him, he simply crumbled. I think a majority of Packer fans are receptive to him, but from what I hear there has been a little anarchy surrounding the Ted Thompson/Aaron Rodgers regime, such as an 8 year old kid wearing a Favre jersey telling Aaron that he's a piece of sh*t. What a sweet kid. I bet his dad drinks plenty of Milwaukees Best every night when he gets home from work (not there's anything wrong with that).

So there it is. I predict 6-10, but I'll set the over/under at 8. I'll take the under. Who wants some sweet action?


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I have been thinking about this, but not as much as in previous years because the Brewers are just that damn fun right now.

Going thru the schedule, I see us going 8 and 8. There are some games that are either way, just like always. In the past those either way games would swing our way because of Favre.

There is my prediction.

Devil's Threesome said...

The Huskers will go 8-4, head to the Alamo Bowl and beat up on some crap-ass Big 11 team.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

I'm going to say 10-6.

Six Losses:

vs. Cowboys
vs. Colts
at Minnesota
at Saints
at Bears
at Jaguars

I'm cautiously optimistic about this team this year. We'll see.

EMoney said...
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