Monday, August 11, 2008

Deep Thoughts (by Jack Handy)

So I just heard the Barry Bonds speech from the other day at AT&T Park (or whatever it is this year) and I found it interesting that he.......

1. seemed personable and almost human-like
2. talked sh*t to Joe Torre whom was sitting in the oppossing dug out
3. re-iterated that he was not retired

This of course got me thinking. He obviously is a major pain in the ass and may not be nimble enough to play even Manny Ramirezesque defense, however just last year the guy had an OBP over 0.500 and was on a terrible offensive team. So I wondered, theoretically of course, of the possibility of Doug Melvin making a push for him to come to Milwaukee. I understand a)the likelihood of him wanting to play in Milwaukee is slim to none b) he would probably want like 5 mil to play the final six weeks and c)we play in the national league, which doesn't have a DH slot, of which I believe Barry stated that is the position he would desire. But for arguments sake, would this be a good move and solidify our run this year. Afterall, we know our pitching staff is going to look a bit thin next year compared to this (both literally and figuratively), so if we're going to go I say GO BIG. Sit Cameron down, slide Hart to center, and stick Barry in the outfield somewhere where he can be as lazy as possible. Inserting Barry in between Braun and Prince would be sick in my opinion and I'd be willing to bet that our RPG would increase by 20-25%. If the Red Sox could win multiple world series with Ramirez out in left, I imagine we would have a great shot as well........even with old Nedly at the helm. Its completely unrealistic, but an interesting thought.

And that's Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.....I mean E-Money


Rubie Q said...

Wow. This post is the runner-up in the "worst ideas of the day" category, right behind the Nebraska wrestlers who posed for the gay pron website. [Insert obligatory "Cornhusker" joke here.]

Seriously -- Barry Bonds? In right field (because we're not teaching Braunie a new position with six weeks left in the season)? Yikes.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I think this would destroy our team. Bonds might be hated here more than anywhere because of the home run thing (you might remember it).

I usually like your thoughts E-Money, but not this one.

Devil's Threesome said...
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EMoney said...

I really wasn't serious and just wanted to get arise out of ya'all. Who I really want is Adam Dunn. His work ethic and team leadership would take the Brewers to the next level. Hek, look what he has done in Cincy....oh wait a minute.