Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Night, Sweet Fuckhead.

I just got done listening to the press conference with Mark Murphy, Ted Thompson, and Mike McCarthy. The lasting impression: after how charitable they were with The Insufferable Prick Formerly Known As Brett Favre, all three of these dudes should be immediately canonized.

At one point or another over the last month, Favre has lambasted each of these men in the most public, unnecessary, and immature way possible. He called Thompson a liar. He said Murphy tried to "buy him off" with the marketing deal, which, as Murphy made clear today, was complete and utter horseshit. He blamed McCarthy and Thompson for pressuring him into retirement, and then had the gall to say (and I'm paraphrasing here) that McCarthy knew that Favre was going to come back all along and should have been planning for this. In one month, through the tremendous distraction he (and he alone) created in his pathetic effort to satisfy his massive (but apparently fragile) ego, he has undone all the good he did in Green Bay over 16 years. Once and for all, he has revealed himself to be a selfish, emotionally-immature asshole.

And yet all Thompson and McCarthy and Murphy could talk about today was how hard this was for Brett, and how they sympathized with Brett's situation, and how they wished it hadn't come to this point, and how they wished him well with the Jets. They not only took the high road, they built a road on top of the high road and then took that path. It was not entirely unexpected, since these men are undeniably better and more decent human beings than Brett Favre (though, at this point, who isn't?), but their refusal to say anything even quasi-negative about The Prick was striking nonetheless.

For myself, and just for myself, I'd like to say: Fuck you, Brett Favre. I do not wish you well with the Jets. I hope you throw 42 interceptions. I hope you start the year 0-8. I hope you're running for your life from opposing defensive linemen all year. I hope that, as the year goes on, you wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night as you realize that your decision to come back was a collosal mistake. And I hope the New York tabloids tear you apart in the way that the Wisconsin papers never would. Because you deserve it. I firmly believe that a shit-ton of personal indiscretions were swept under the rug by the Packers organization and the Wisconsin media. I hope you're never given the same kid-glove treatment again, because, as a person, you have done nothing to merit it.

And though I know you're too self-deluded for this to happen, I hope, at some point in the next 40 years, you realize, in some small part, what a petty, infantile dickhead you are and do something to change it. But I won't be holding my breath.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Rubie, President of the Overreaction Club

I hope they go 9-7, make the playoffs so we can get a 2nd rounder, maybe play next year.

Everything will be okay if the Packers make the playoffs this year. and time heals all wounds and Brett will be back to ahve the #4 retired, inducted as a packer in the hall of fame, be inducted into the packer hall of fame, have his bronze statue placed outside lambeau. Get over it...he didn't want to play for us. its not that big of a deal.

He's got a huge ego we all knew that. its kind of like the whole Tom Crean problem. when this hwole thing became public i felt just like I did the first week of April. But months later its turing to be a pretty good situation for MU. Hopefully GB will ahve the same outcome.

Rubie Q said...

I don't care that he didn't want to play for us. He should have said that a month ago and saved us four weeks of drama. What I care about is that he publicly and viciously attacked three people who did NOTHING to him, other than consider the good of the team over his selfish demands. For that, he's an asshole. And for that, I hope his career crashes and burns.

Reid You Animal! said...

A good read on this topic is:

My favorite passage:

"If this past month should've told us anything about Favre, it's that we now understand why Thompson and McCarthy got fed up with the guy in the first place. Favre simply couldn't commit to their plan, either because he didn't feel loved enough or because Thompson wasn't willing to sign Randy Moss, hire Steve Mariucci and kiss Favre's ring all in the same motion."

Reid You Animal! said...

Oh, and I agree with Scotty. In 5 years he's gonna be going into the HoF as a Packer, his number will be in the ring of honor, all will be forgotten. But it's gonna take ALL of 5 years (and perhaps the resignation of Ted Thompson) for that to happen.

EMoney said...

Jets good. Packers bad. In the words of Tom Jackson...."They decided to downgrade in the most important position in all of sports. I don't understand it"