Thursday, August 7, 2008

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

As disappointed as I am to see Brett go, I come away somewhat satisfied with the compensation that Green Bay is getting out of the deal. A fourth round pick, with conditions that could result in a 1st rounder, was likely the best deal out there so I am happy that all sides were able to agree on it. While we don't know the exact terms yet, I understand that a superbowl appearance would yield a first rounder meaning that simply making the playoffs may yield a 2nd-3rd round pick. I for one (and after listening to The Herd, Chris Mortenson agrees with me) think that the Jets were a solid team with a crappy Chad Pennington, so the addition of Favre makes them a legitimate playoff contender even with the Patriots in the same division. That being said, getting a 2nd or 3rd round pick is bonus considering he was retired 2 months ago. We have all witnessed a large number of NFL franchises go into the wastelands because of the revolving door at the QB position (see NFC north teams not named Green Bay), so I hope that TT knows what he is doing when he is gives the keys for a near Super Bowl Team to an inexperienced QB.

Go Pack!
And now, Go Jets!


Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I also heard there is a clause that if he gets traded to the Queens that we would get 3 first rounders. I haven't read anything about the trade, so I'm not sure if that is true. If it is, nice.

EMoney said...

I was wondering about the whole docie doe thing when this debacle was going on. 3 first rounders sounds a little ridiculous, but I hope they worked in a clause that would protect that. Yes, they would be nice. And if that is true, I hope they trade him to the Vikings.