Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Translations

After watching the 13-hour big league baseball game that took place at Miller Park today, I have figured out how to speak two different languages.  I know you are thinking that is impossible, but stay with me here.

First we will look at this word; Rivera.  By looking at the word it appears to have some Spanish origins.  Looking in the dictionary, I came across this picture.

Rivera, Mike - Seldom used catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball.  He stays sharp even though he spends a lot of his time on the bench and catching ceremonial first pitches.  He has gigantic balls.  Both literally and figuratively.  He will get clutch hits.

I then cross-referenced it with this; Gigantic Balls.

Gigantic Balls - See Rivera, Mike

Next I decided to look up the word Kapler.  I was very unsure of the origins of this word, but I came to find out it comes to us from the land of the Middle East.  This picture was found with it.

Kapler, Gabe - Reserve outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball.  Started the 2008 season on  ridiculous tear and now does his best to keep his average above .300.  He is in ridiculous shape and a has a huge neck.  He also has ice water in his veins, also known as cold blooded.

Very interesting.  I know that Kapler had a rough day until one swing of the bat, but his fellow tribe member (Braun, Ryan) has also had days like that.  Rivera had an amazingly awesome day and Kapler stepped up when he needed to.  So we see that in Spanish, Rivera stands for gigantic balls and Kapler, in Jewish (or something like that), stands for cold blooded.

In order to stay in it this year we are going to need contributions from fellow like Mike 'Gigantic Balls' Rivera and Gabe 'Cold Blooded' Kapler.

I love baseball.

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