Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stats with Stotts.....I mean

Since this is typically a huge Milwaukee Bucks/NBA forum, I know you are all dying to hear my opinion on the blockbuster deal that was pulled off by the Milwaukee Bucks today. I will sum it up to you with one When the biggest name in the deal is Moe Williams, it's not exactly going to generate a ton of excitement. However, after reading the story detailing the works of the trade one question came to mind. What the hell? Heading into the draft we had a forward heavy roster. Yi, Bobby Simmons, D Mason, Charlie V, and I'll include Bogut. Due to this, I was surprised to hear all the projections that pegged us taking Alexander if he was available. I personally thought we needed to revamp our PG position. Moe is too much of a scoring PG for my taste and to sum it up I think that he was overhyped/overpaid/and a weak defender on an overall soft squad. Yet being that we gave him a 5 year deal last year I wasn't too optimistic about us taking one of the PG's in the draft. Draft day comes and we make a solid deal to acquire Richard Jefferson and at the same time get rid of Bobby Simmons dead weight contract. When the Bucks pick rolls around, Bayless falls to us, but Alexander is still sittin' there so just as predicted we select Alexander who looks to come of the bench this up coming season. I like Alexander, but would have preferred to have selected Bayless. Again, since we committed ourselves to Moe I understand not taking a PG. Well, today as I'm guessing you all have heard, the Bucks traded Moe Williams and Desmond Mason in a 3 team deal in which we acquire Luke Ridnour, Damon Jones, and Adrien Griffin. Now, Luke Ridnour is more of a true point guard, which I think what would fit better on this team, but I do not foresee him as our PG of the future. So I guess what I meant when I said "What the hell?" earlier in this post is, if management intended on moving Moe Williams, why did they decide not to either take Bayless in their spot, trade up to select one of the more highly touted guards, or trade down in what was a PG heavy draft? I of course don't have the answer for this. Maybe they didn't feel that any of the PG's were as good as advertised. Maybe they think Joe Alexander is going to be a superstar. I don't believe either of these. So I put this out there to my roundtable brethren. Does anyone make any sense of this?


Devil's Threesome said...

What is this NBA you speak of? Is that the professional league the poor, tall bushman is trying to join in the Kevin Bacon classic "The Air Up There?"

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I don't get what the Bucks are doing. It more or less seems like a big, "Let's clean this team up and get rid of all that crap that the old establishment brought in here." I really like Mason. I think he is fun to watch and I'm just gay enough to really like all the stuff he does for the community. Plus, he was a guy that genuinely liked Milwaukee. And according to Gilbert Arenas those are hard to come by.

I'm sure we'll still be at Goolsbys to watch that first loss. Who knows, this team might win a few more games than last year... I'm not holding my breath or planning to pay attention for the whole season.