Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The worst idea since Greedo shooting first.

Yesterday was a gold outing for the M Club.  A Marquette group that... well... I'm not exactly sure who they are or what they do, but they apparently like golf and have an outing.  Good for them.  Lord knows there aren't enough golf outings out there.

At this outing the new Marquette Men's  Basketball coach gave a little speech.  Buzz Williams is apparently quite a charismatic character.  I am sold on the guy and I like him.  Others think he is lying to all of us.  I guess we'll see what is happening later on.

At some point in his talk, Buzz said that MU will open the Big East season against Villanova on January 1st.  Yeah.  You heard it right.  New Years Day!  From what I can tell this is a home game.  A home game!  Lots of hung-over MU fans wearing sunglasses and hating the loud noises.  Sounds like a fun way to start the Big East season.

I will be there and loving it though... and possibly throwing up in a popcorn bucket.


FPMKE said...

4 things...
1) I'm familiar with this M Club as when I worked at the Rec Center I stole one of their "annual golf outting" towels and proudly have it hanging from the bag of clubs I never use. Big hitter the Bobbo!

2) This leaves much turmoil. I really want to see the Red Wings and Blackhawks play at Wrigley on New Year's Day. I'm a Marquette fan and a Hawks fan. Admittedly, the Hawks product hasn't been good as of late but since the old man passed a lot of changes have happened. Bobby Hull has been around a lot and they even had Stan Makita autographing donuts for fans at Hawk-fest. The only thing left to do is to bring back Chelios and set him up in a dunk booth... 3 throws for every season ticket-holder andd you'd be able to sell out the season. My love for Marquette is strong, much like the force within young Skywalker but we're also talking about a once in a lifetime chance to see the Winter Classic at Wrigley. Can you imagine how many hungover, popped-collar-wearing douches will be there to make fun of? It will be more entertaining than a nude greco-roman wrestling photoshoot.

3) We're in the middle of an IT audit at work so I am unable to visit Q@TB this week during business hours. This obviously blows.

4) Please add "unnecessarily long comment" label to this post.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

Sheet's Va Jay Jay is going to be incredibly crabby that day, especially at the shitty sound guy. Might get ugly up in section 422.