Monday, August 25, 2008


Apparently, there's some sort of argument that this year's Redeem Team could be better than the 1992 Dream Team. To that end, ESPN developed the inane poll you see below. My answers are bolded. Seems that everyone else agrees with me. ESPN, trying to squeeze more blood out the Olympics. Idiots, I'm sure this will on PTI today.

1) Which set of point guards would you rather have?
82.9% 1992 Team USA: Magic Johnson, John Stockton
17.1% 2008 Team USA: Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Deron Williams

Two very solid point guards and one dazzling young talent don't quite stack up to Magic and Stockton.

2) Shooting guards:
71.7% 1992: Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan
28.3% 2008: Kobe Bryant, Michael Redd, Dwyane Wade

Did Jordan suddenly cease being the greatest basketball player ever? Seriously?

3) Small forwards:
57.4% 1992: Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin
42.6% 2008: Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Tayshaun Prince

Two of the best pure shooters ever and another Top 50 NBA player vs Lebron (damn, damn good), a lazy-assed Carmelo and Tayshaun? 42% voted for 2008? How?

4) Power forwards/centers:
93.0% 1992: Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Christian Laettner, Karl Malone, David Robinson
7.0% 2008: Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard

Finally, some sanity is returned.

5) Coach:
73.2% 2008: Mike Krzyzewski
26.8% 1992: Chuck Daly

I thought this one would be closer, but Coach K did a great job with this crew.

6) The 1992 Dream Team won the gold medal in Barcelona by going undefeated in tournament play, with an average margin of victory of 43.8 points per game. How would the '92 team fare against the competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
55.3% Win gold and go undefeated, but by a lesser margin of victory
39.4% Just as dominant
3.3% Lose a game in pool play, but still win gold
2.0% Not win gold

The rest of the world has caught up, that's the only reason.

7) Which of these young NBA player do you most want to see playing for Team USA at the 2012 Olympics?
26.1% Kevin Durant
23.0% Greg Oden
11.2% Michael Beasley
9.2% Andrew Bynum
8.8% Brandon Roy
8.6% Derrick Rose
3.8% Kevin Love
3.6% O.J. Mayo
3.1% Josh Smith
2.7% Monta Ellis

5 of these dudes haven't even played in the NBA!

8) Who was Team USA's Olympic MVP?
42.8% Dwyane Wade
32.1% Kobe Bryant
20.8% LeBron James
4.3% Other


9) Which nation will pose the biggest threat to Team USA at the 2010 FIBA World Championship?
61.1% Spain
26.5% Argentina
2.9% Australia
2.6% Greece
2.3% China
2.3% Lithuania
1.8% Other
0.5% Croatia

Wow, I feel bad for Croatia, scoring below Other is pretty rough.

10) Are you more likely to follow Team USA at international tournaments after these Olympics?
66.0% Yes
34.0% No

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