Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Another Yosty folks!

“It’s a little bit rude when your neighbors are fighting next door for you to go knock on the door and ask what happened. We handle it ourselves. It’s between us and it’s nobody’s business. But it wasn’t that big a deal.”

Except for when said neighbors witness an assault in your backyard like Monday night and your neighbors pay your salary. Now, we don't need to have the dirty laundry aired, but Yost's comment is pure lunacy. Typical, defensive shit from Nedly.

Also - how is it not a big deal when your 350 lb 1B is assaulting a starting pitcher who figures to be a fixture in the rotation for years to come?

Boy, I'm sure Prince is really feeling the heat. His free agent value is decreasing by the day. He may be the worst baserunner in the majors in addition to being in the bottom 1/6 of defensive first basemen. Now, you can add major concerns about clubhouse presence. Big time negative dude, which happens when your whole being is based off several chips on your shoulder.


Rubie Q said...

I don't think it's that far out there. I've used that argument in court before:

"Judge, how incredibly rude was it for these neighbors to summon the police when this man was beating the crap out of his wife? Haven't they the decency to mind their own business and ignore a little skirmish next door? I'll tell you who should be on trial here -- those damned neighbors. How rude, sir. How rude."

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

It's a good thing I don't feel that way about my Skittles, of you and the Minnesota cook would be in big trouble after the amount of Skittles that were flying around my car.

FPMKE said...

Here's how I see Sheets' Jay Jay's scenario playing out...

D3sum: "Now back up, put the gun down, and get me a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious."
FPMKE: "And some Skittles."
MN Cook: "Ah, my eye, I'm not supposed to get Skittles in it."