Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2009 Brewers Schedule...

For those of you who have given up on the 2008 Brewers or if you are just interested in next year's schedule it was released today by MLB.

2009 Highlights:

4/7-4/9-Open season in San Francisco
4/10-4/12-Home Opener vs. Cubs...who's stupid ass idea was this?
4/17-4/25-First 3 city road trip vs Mets (new stadium), Philly, and Houston
5/4-5/7-Two 2 game series at Pitt and Cincy (road trip?)
5/8-5/10-Home against the Cubs again.
5/15-5/24-2nd 3 city road trip vs. St. Louis, Houston and Minnesota

Interleague Opponents:

6/12-6/14-White Sox in Miller Park
6/15-6/21-At Indians and Tigers
6/23-6/25 Home vs Twins

7/2-7/5 at Cubs
7/31-8/9-Third 3 city road trip at San Diego, Los Angeles, and Houston

September Series:
at Cards
vs Giants
vs Cards
at D'backs
at Cubs (4)
vs. Astros
vs Cubs
vs. Phillies
at Colorado
End with 3 games in October at St. Louis

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Devil's Threesome said...

Really weird to have the Twins series mid-week. I'm fine with that, I effing hate Twins fans. Getting the White Sox up here will be nice. Why even worry about September?