Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big East Conference Schedule

Thursday, Jan. 1Villanova at Marquette , 2:30 p.m., ESPN

Sunday, Jan. 4Cincinnati at Marquette

Wednesday, Jan. 7 Marquette at Rutgers

Saturday, Jan. 10 West Virginia at Marquette

Saturday, Jan. 17 Marquette at Providence, 9 p.m

Saturday, Jan. 24 DePaul at Marquette , 2 p.m., ESPN2

Monday, Jan. 26Marquette at Notre Dame, 7 p.m., ESPN

Saturday, Jan. 31 Georgetown at Marquette

Tuesday, Feb. 3 Marquette at DePaul

Friday, Feb. 6Marquette at USF

Tuesday, Feb. 10 Marquette at Villanova, 7:30 p.m., ESPN2

Saturday, Feb. 14 St. John’s at Marquette

Tuesday, Feb. 17 Seton Hall at Marquette

Saturday, Feb. 21Marquette at Georgetown

Wednesday, Feb. 25 Connecticut at Marquette , 7 p.m.,

Sunday, March 1 Marquette at Louisville , Noon, CBS

Wednesday, March 4 Marquette at Pittsburgh , 7:30 p.m.,

Saturday, March 7 Syracuse at Marquette


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

wow that end of the season is ridiculous

at Georgetown
vs. UConn
at Loiusville
at Pitt
vs. Cuse

I hope we have a awesome record heading into that stretch.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

road games I'm eyeing up:

Notre Dame-didn't go last year, might this year, but its a Monday night

South Florida - a weekend trip to Tampa could be fun in Feb.

Rubie Q said...

Holy fuck. There are two portions of that schedule that scream "Danger" to me:

At DePaul (always an entertaining game); at USF (trap game); at 'Nova (oof). That is deceptively brutal.

At G-town; home to UConn; at the 'Ville; at Pitt. Wow. That's hit-you-over-the-head brutal.

We might come out of those games 2-4.

Devil's Threesome said...

That first 3 game roadie isn't too bad. If you have to play 3 games in a row on the road it might as well be those three teams. The end of season skid is crazy. I don't know what we did to deserve that. Our "Last 10" component for Selection Sunday will hurt us.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

it won't hurt us if we win some of those games

EMoney said...

Yeah, I'm used to seeing a brutal january to start the season so this is unusual. With the depth and toughness of the league, and the brutal 5 game stretch to end the season I think that we need to start 6-0 in conference to go 12-5 for the year. That should get us in the top 4 of the league. Unfortunately I see us stumbling down the stretch and going 2-3 (hopefully not 1-4) in our last 5 leading up to the Big East tourney. Like always, this will cause us to slide in the polls and the tourney seeding leaving us with a 4-5 seed again. SOB!

Burke needs to play his a** off this year for us to take the next step. What did he eat for breakfast the morning before the game in madison last year 'cuz he was a monster that day?